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Apple recruits revered hardware technology journalist

Anand Lal Shimpi
Anand Lal Shimpi

Apple has headhunted one of the most influential technology journalists, Anand Lal Shimpi, for an undisclosed role; Anand founded US-based AnandTech, 17 years ago.

The Cupertino-based company confirmed the high profile hire to Recode but didn't provide with more details regarding his new job within the company.

Anandtech started as a hobbyist project for the then-teenager Anand; he launched the site on the now defunct Geocities aged 14.

Anand resigned from his post as editor-in-chief of AnandTech and said that he would retire from technology Journalism.

In his last article, he hinted that a transition has been in the process for the past year, with mobile coverage and CPU being handed over to other fellow journalists.

Interestingly, he will be the second staff from AnandTech to join Apple in 2014. Earlier this year, Brian Klug, an AnandTech journalist specialised in microprocessors, joined Apple with to focus on Apple's A-series ARM-based system-on-chip.

Other high-profile technology journalists that have joined companies they used to cover include: Robert Scoble (Rackspace), Lawrence Latif (AMD), Kelvyn Taylor and Tim Smalley (Asus).