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Man traces lost family on MySpace

MySpace: socially networking a family reunion
MySpace: socially networking a family reunion

Leon Bailey, adopted in America 24 years ago, has found his biological British family by searching MySpace.

Though he'd known her name for over 20 years, Leon had never been able to track his real mother down by conventional methods.

"One night I was just relaxing at home watching a movie and I thought to myself, why don't I look on MySpace – just maybe she might be on there," said the 26 year old, who lives in Houston.

"So I typed in her name, and hers was the first picture that popped up."

Big Hug

Leon's mother Debra Kneuman, 41, from New Hampshire, was gob-smacked to find a message from her long-lost son waiting in her inbox.

"I just want to give him a big hug, and even though he's a man and not a little boy, I just want to hold him until there's no tomorrow," said an ecstatic Mrs Kneuman.

Only a teenager when she gave birth, she'd put Leon up for adoption when he was two, placing him in the care of an American couple stationed at a nearby British airbase.

Inspired by Leon's social networking successes, Debra got searching MySpace and within minutes had found Leon's father Tony Goulbourne, who handily had photos of Leon as a toddler on his profile.

A family reunion is planned for September.