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Apple Watch to drop in price to $299

Apple Watch to drop in price

Apple has announced that the Apple Watch will come down in price, with the wearable dropping to $299.

The $50 drop brings the Apple Watch into a sub $300 dollar bracket for the entry level Sport version in the U.S., there's no confirmation of a new Apple Watch price in the U.K. or Australia as yet, but watch this space.

It was the most significant update for the Apple Watch from the event, although there are new Apple Watch straps.

Although it has garnered huge attention and has been heralded as a success by Apple, the Watch has yet to ignite the passions of the general public in the way that the iPad or iPhone has.

That said, it has been transformative to the wearables segment, and a price drop means that the Apple Watch becomes even more competitive compared to the Android watches that are trying to capture the lower end.