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Apple's 4K TV plans abandoned

Apple iTV

Remember when the Apple iTV was going to be your next television panel? Well, the fate of Cupertino's long-rumoured televisual ambitions has been revealed in a report from the Wall Street Journal.

As we predicted it would, Apple reportedly shelved its plans over a year ago - after a decade of research, the company decided it couldn't find a compelling way to differentiate its product.

It considered a number of features to set the panel apart from the competition. These included a FaceTime video chat function with cameras that sensed and followed the speaker, and a 4K screen, which proved prohibitively expensive at the time.

Never say never again

While the price of 4K TVs has come down dramatically over the last year, that doesn't mean we'll be seeing an Apple-branded panel just yet.

Apple CEO Tim Cook maintains that TV is a category that holds Apple's interest, but it's more likely we'll see a redesigned Apple TV box and remote.

All the same, it's not impossible we'll see an Apple panel one day, as insiders say Apple didn't officially kill the project. Team members merely moved on to work on other things.