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Barclays opens up PingIt money transfer app up to everyone

Barclays opens up PingIt money transfer app up to everyone
Barclays PingIt: Now open to all

The innovative Barclays PingIt smartphone app, which allows easy money transfers, has now been opened up to members of any UK bank.

PingIt, which allows users to send money to another registered user through their mobile number, arrived for Barclays account holders in February.

A successful trial on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry means the high street giant has rolled-out the app to everyone, regardless of whether they're with Barclays bank.

The app is a simplified version of PayPal, but cuts out the middle man with simple bank-to-bank, user-to-user transfers of anything between £1 and £300.

Simplifying lunch dates

With all banks now on board, settling group lunch bills should now be a doddle.

Instead of everyone asking for change and dumping 10 cards down on the table, one person can pay and be reimbursed within seconds.

Non smartphone owners can register online and still receive payments through their mobile number.

Amid the obvious security fears, Barclays says it has a watertight registration process and access to the app requires the user to first enter a five digit pin.

Via: Pocket-Lint