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Selective adjustments at your fingertips with Lightroom iOS

Selective adjustments are one of the most powerful tools in Lightroom, so it's no surprise to hear that it's been one of the most requested features when it comes to what users would like to see next on Lightroom for iOS. And the good news is that it's now here, in the shape of the Selective Brush. 

Using the new tool, you can selectively brush in enhancements in any part of an image, while those using an iPhone 6S or later with 3D Touch can vary the intensity of the effect by pressing softer or harder; iPad Pro users using an Apple Pencil have the same capability. 

There's also a new Details Tab, which allows global control over sharpening and noise reduction.

Finally, with the iPad Pro and Pro2 offering performance that makes them a viable laptop replacement for some photographers, the iPad interface for Lightroom gets an overhaul.

Android experience

As well as improvements to Lightroom for iOS, Lightroom for Android has been redesigned from the ground up to deliver what Adobe promises to be a faster and more efficient user experience, with every screen redesigned.  

Lightroom for iOS can be downloaded for free from the App Store, while Lightroom for Android can also be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.