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Britons download £936m worth of content

Most of the money is spent on music with iTunes leading the way

The average internet user in the UK spends £36 a year on downloading or streaming audio or video, new research shows.

Most of the money is spent on music and other types of audio such as talking books, but a large amount - 43 per cent - is spent on video downloads.

Men spend an average of £3.58 per month, and women £2.57. The real big spenders are 16 to 24-year-olds, who fork out an average of £5.34 a month (or £64 per year) on downloads.

Alex Burmaster, European internet analyst at Nielsen//Netratings , which conducted the research, said: "Three pounds per month might not seem much, but if you consider that there are 26 million Britons online each month that's a very healthy revenue source for websites producing audio and video content." Anna Lagerkvist