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Nissan in-car system to save lives

Nissan's advanced ITS system will let drivers know if pedestrians are in a hazardous position

Accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles could become part of road traffic history if Nissan 's advanced Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) - which uses mobile phone technology and GPS to keep road users apart - proves a success.

The advanced ITS system being developed by the Japanese motor vehicle manufacturer will use GPS information from the vehicle and location information transmitted from pedestrians' mobile phones. The ITS will process the data and work out the relative positions of pedestrians and vehicles, alerting the driver if a pedestrian is in a hazardous position.

The ITS technology will employ the latest generation of 3G communications systems which enable handsets to transmit GPS location data to mobile networks. Nissan is conducting research and developing the ITS with technical collaboration from telecommunications giant NTT DoCoMo .

The project will feed into an ongoing Nissan ITS experimental programme, launched in October 2006 in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture, to use real-time vehicle data to help prevent traffic accidents and reduce congestion.