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Now Nokia pushes Apple patent claims onto iPod and Macs

Apple at loggerheads with Nokia
Apple at loggerheads with Nokia

The legal battle between Apple and Nokia shows no sign of abating, with the latter filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission that alleges that the maker of the iPhone infringes patents in "virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, and computers".

Nokia and Apple's fall-out has already seen patent infringements filed by both companies against each other, and the legal battle is set to continue.

Seven patents

Nokia has made claims that seven patents have been infringed and not just by Apple's iPhone – which has proven to be a key rival for the mobile market leader – but also its iPods and Macs.

These patents relate to the user interface, antenna, camera and power management.

Apple has not yet responded to the news, but don't be too surprised if the company refuses to roll over and admit defeat to Nokia.

Via Reuters