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Borders says Apple's Mac tablet is called iPad

Mac OS X
Are we getting a tablet version of this or not?

If there's a 'Y' in the day, then it's surely time for another Apple tablet computer rumour and we're not about to disappoint.

The latest speculation stems from a customer survey run online by Borders bookshop, in which it asks about electronic book readers.

I'm buying one too

Alongside the Kindle, Sony Reader and various other e-books, the survey lists as a selectable option, "I plan to buy an Apple iPAD (large screen reading device) this year."

As for whether that means Borders has some inside information that might stop the tedious speculation, we think it's unlikely.

Fumbles all over

Instead, whoever wrote the survey questions is probably just winging it with the rest of us. After all, who ever heard of the Apple iTouch listed two questions further on? Smells sloppy to us.

Via Engadget