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Wikipedia set for video explosion?

Wikipedia - growth
Wikipedia - growth

Wikipedia's decision to increase its server capacity will herald a new era for the online encyclopaedia.

According to Sun Microsystems, Wikimedia – the company behind the likes of Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wikibooks – has bought in a lot of new servers.

This will bring about the end of a 100 MB upload cap for Wikipedia, enabling video hosting and better picture support.

New functionality?

According to CNet, this could include picture editing software and allow users to modify images and see past revisions in the same way as they can the text.

Wikipedia is one of the most visited internet sites on the globe, boasting 2.6 million entries in English alone.

Currently the vast majority of WIkipedia is text based, and thus takes up very little room in terms of server space - despite its breadth of material.

However, as media like video becomes more prevalent, the need for storage capacity rises. But that's progress for you.