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Internet fingered in student murder

Nintendo DS
Police say a DS game was at the heart of the incident

We would never blame 'the internet' per se for crimes with an online connection. After all, do phones get it in the neck when foul deeds are plotted using them to communicate? But the latest 'net incident looks set to draw a lot of attention.

According to police Matthew Pyke, a student at Nottingham University, was killed by a German acquaintance over an online disagreement. To make matters worse, a video game seems to be at the heart of the problem.

Tactics debate

Pyke, 20, appears to have been stabbed to death last Friday at his Nottingham flat, with authorities arresting an unnamed 21-year-old German man as a suspect. They say he travelled from Germany specifically to kill Pyke.

They also describe a debate going sour on a website of which Pyke was an admin over the Nintendo DS game Advance Wars.

German police pointed the finger, saying, "After intensive investigations in collaboration with Nottinghamshire police it is believed the two got to know each other over the internet."