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Web backs nine-year-old girl to build RPG and prove brothers wrong

28 days to go

Kickstarter has given us some great success stories - Ouya, Pebble - but this one gives us real hope in humanity.

Nine-year-old Mackenzie wanted to raise $829 (£546 / AU$795) so she could build an RPG, so she set up a Kickstarter campaign - and it's sailed past $10,000 (£6575 / AUS$9580) of backing in just one day.

Mackenzie's humble asking sum was to build a role playing game "that isn't too violent and isn't filled with bad words, still has a good story line & cool graphics, but has shorter cut scenes, less menus & fewer controls".

As she's under 18, she set up the account in the name of her mother Susan, but the whole pledge was put together by Mackenzie herself.

"Mean older brothers say she can't so my daughter's proving she can do what they can't!" reads the pledge.

We reckon they're eating their words right now.

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Via The Next Web