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Want to beat China's web filtering? Get a Mac

Macs seemingly exempt from China's Green Dam software
Macs seemingly exempt from China's Green Dam software

There's been lots of news about China's Green Dam web-filtering campaign this week, with reports that it hasn't been scrapped but merely delayed.

If the web-filtering rollout happens, then PC manufacturers will have to ship computers to China with filtration software to stop pornography, piracy and the like.

One way to get round this looks likely to go for a non-Windows based computer system like Macs or Linux.

Mac and Linux exempt

According to Lenovo, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is only asking for filtration software to come with computers using Windows.

Lenovo has also said that it will not be shipping the software with its Linux portfolio.

If this is the case, then it probably won't be long before this loophole is sewn up – but it does show that there are currently options for users of the internet in China who do not want their web consumption automatically filtered.

Via MacWorld