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Japanese get storming fast 1Gbit/s internet

Fibre cable
How much internet do you need anyway?

After so many reports about how slow UK broadband really is, this is kinda like rubbing salt into the wound, but we really do need to tell you that Japanese homes are about to get hooked up to 1Gbit/s fibre internet connections from next month.

The first gigabit-class FTTH service in the world will kick off on 1 October and is being offered by telco KDDI. Moreover, the company, which also owns number-two wireless carrier, au, isn't even charging that much for it.

Cheaper too

Hikari One Home Gigabit, as it's called, will cost ¥5,560 (£28) a month, down by about £10 from the current 100Mbit/s service. So, they've even reduced the price to make us jealous, eh?

Packages on offer will also bring telephone services and premium TV channels for an add-on charge, while the service area covers Hokkaido and the Tokyo area.

Sadly for wireless users, they won't get anywhere near the throughput advertised, as the KDDI router currently supports only 802.11b and g Wi-Fi, but not the n variety. Boo-hoo for them.