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Purported Apple iPad Mini casing pics appear online

Purported Apple iPad Mini casing pics appear online
Chinese microblog reveals these purported iPad Mini casing shots

Pictures of a metal shell claiming to be the long-rumoured Apple iPad Mini have surfaced on a Chinese microblogging site.

The rather suspect-looking casing, pictured above, appeared on the Sina Weibo blog and has been picked up by a few Apple sites since.

We've been hearing rumours left, right and centre in recent days, weeks and months, claiming Apple will launch a 7.85-inch iteration of its world-beating tablet later this year.

On Friday, it emerged in the Samsung vs Apple trial that Steve Jobs was "very receptive" to the idea.

No rear camera?

Taking a closer look at the pictures, you'll see that this purported casing has no hole for a camera lens, which makes us both sceptical and curious at the same time.

Would the iPad Mini ditch the largely-unused, pretty turgid rear camera from the iPad?

There's a good chance that these pictures are fake, but we remain hopeful that Apple will unleash a smaller iPad, perhaps as soon as the log-awaited iPhone 5 launch expected within the next couple of months.

Via: SlashGear