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Mac OS X Lion USB drive now on sale

Lion has proved hugely popular since its launch in July

Apple has made Mac OS X Lion available for sale on a USB drive, almost a month after it arrived to download from the Mac App Store.

For those users insisting on owning a physical copy of the new operating system, it'll cost over twice as much as the digital download.

While the Mac App Store version cost a recession-friendly £20.99, the USB drive is £55 - making it probably the most expensive flash drive ever.

You can pick it up from both the online store and retail outlets.

The end of physical media

Clearly Apple, is hoping to make physical software disks a thing of the past and wants you to follow suit by putting faith in the Mac App Store ecosystem.

However, Lion is a pretty hefty download at 3.49 GB and not everyone has a broadband connection fast enough to achieve this in a reasonable time.

From that perspective it appears that those users are being punished by having to stump up twice as much as the turbo-charged broadband users in order to get their hands on the new OS.

Mac OS X Lion arrived in July boasting over 250 new features including, Versions, full-screen apps, Mission Control, Resume, Air-Drop and Auto-Save.

Link: LA Times