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iPad's innards exposed via X-ray

iPad X-rayed by iFixit
iPad X-rayed by iFixit

Not only has the new Apple iPad been torn apart by the team over at iFixit, it has also been X-rayed, to allow us all a much closer look at what is inside the new device from Cupertino.

iFixit, working with reverse engineering firm Chipworks, tore apart and X-rayed the iPad's central processing hub.

Package on package

The resulting findings confirm that the A4 is built using a "package on package" method, so the 256MB of Samsung-provided SDRAM sits right on top of the CPU, which is reductive to latency and energy use.

iFixit concludes that the iPad seems to be running on a Cortex A8 – but Engadget notes that "their assertion that it couldn't be a Cortex A9 MPCore inside is inaccurate, as those chips also come in single-core options.

It will be interesting to compare performance with Samsung's own Hummingbird chip - designed by Intrinsity, the chip company Apple is rumoured to have recently acquired.

Via Engadget and iFixit