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First working Mac botnet found in wild

Macs are no longer immune to hack attacks

After the recent publicity given to hackers using botnets on Windows PCs to attack particular websites, there were more than a few Mac fans keen to wave their 'no malware on us' banners in the faces of the Microsoft users; something that's about to change.

That's because, according to security specialist Symantec, its researchers have found the first botnet written specifically for Mac OS X and operating in the wild.

20,000 infected

They estimate the iServices Trojan Horse bot is already running on up to 20,000 infected Macs worldwide, creating a network of machines dedicated to bringing down websites through a DDoS distributed denial-of-service attack that floods sites with traffic.

Moreover, it seems the bot's creators were making a point about piracy by including the code in P2P-distributed copies of iWork 09 and Photoshop CS4 for the Mac.

Patch it up

Fortunately, there's a simple fix available from SecureMac, but we all know it's likely that this first botnet is just the thin end of the wedge to come.