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Apple working on touchscreen MacBook and more

Even though Macs have never been as popular as they are now, Steve Jobs may have some exciting ideas up his sleeve to entice even more people to his side.

According to a report from Piper Jaffray on Tuesday, Apple is currently developing a Mac that will eliminate traditional input devices and utilise the same multi-touch technology already found on its


. The investment firm claims it has spoken with numerous sources that indicate a full-fledged touchscreen


is on the way.

The wait is on

"Looking into 2010, we expect Apple to advance its touchscreen technology, known as multi-touch, from simple trackpad features to a complete MacBook touch with touchscreen keypad features," analyst Gene Munster told investors. "Discussions we have had with component suppliers indicate that Apple is already testing full multi-touch Macs, but the software requirements will likely lead to a launch timeframe of 2010."

Munster also concluded that consumers should be ready for a full Mac line upgrade in the coming months with the iMac and Mac Mini being the first to be updated, followed by the MacBook and MacBook Pro. According to the analyst, the upgrades should be announced within the next three to six months.