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20 million iPads to be sold by 2012

Apple iPad set for big sales
Apple iPad set for big sales

Early sales of the iPad might have been decent for Apple, but new forecasts have predicted that the future is even brighter for Apple's new device.

Opinion might be divided on whether the iPad is a truly necessary device, but that hasn't stopped iSuppli predicting that Apple will shift 7 million units in 2010.

Those sales will apparently double to 14.4million in 2011, and will soar past the 20 million mark in 2012.

Lower limit

iSuppli has labelled these estimates as 'conservative', citing a number of factors that could improve the impending sales.

Flash support - which it's hard to believe Apple will ever incorporate - and quickly updating the OS to include new features will help spur sales, as will the fact Apple is the prominent tablet supplier at this nascent stage.

Apple will be releasing information on the new iPhone 4.0 software this week, which may include some information on how the iPad and iPhone will interact and offer hints on how Jobs' tablet device might evolve.

Via Digitimes