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SanDisk DIY service helps you upgrade your SSD with live video

SanDisk SSD

In an effort to get PC users to upgrade their aging hard disk drives to better performing solid state drives, SanDisk is rolling out a new help desk service to provide the tools, software and instructions needed for customers to perform the upgrade. SanDisk calls the service the SanDisk SSD Concierge Service, which provides live video support to customers looking to upgrade their HDDs to replace failing SSDs inside their systems.

The service provides support for all SanDisk consumer solid state drives.

"Once data has been successfully migrated, consumers will have the ability to schedule a video conference via mobile device with a SanDisk technician, who will walk them through the final steps of removing the existing storage device and installing their new SSD," SanDisk said in a statement.


There are many benefits to upgrading to a solid state drive, including faster speeds and better system performance. SSDs can also help extend a laptop's battery life as it runs cooler, doesn't require a spinning disk and uses less power, SanDisk said.

SanDisk will sell its $39 (£24, AU$53) service package at Amazon and TigerDirect.

Alternatively, if you don't need SanDisk's live video support, you can check out our general guide on replacing your existing drive yourself.