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IBM pushes solid-state storage to mighty 4TB

128GB SSD? Pah! Try 4TB, you weakling

If you thought the push by solid-state drives to get up towards 128GB was impressive, then think again and tremble in awe in the face of IBM's 4TB SSD monster.

The Project Quicksilver SSD is aimed at replacing spinning disks in enterprise server farms with faster and more reliable solid-state drives. The result is a 4.1TB SSD that is 250 times faster than the world's fastest disk solution.

Green and lean

IBM explained why it was pushing the speed aspect: "Performance improvements of this magnitude can have profound implications for business, allowing two to three times the work to complete in a given time frame."

On top of enabling corporations to handle more simultaneous online transactions, the Quicksilver rig also uses little more than half the power and cooling of a standard set-up and occupies just 20 per cent of the floor space.