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Segway's new PUMA takes on Sinclair C5

Sir Clive Sinclair was clearly way ahead of his time with the oft-criticised electric and pedal-powered Sinclair C5, if the new scootercar unveiled by Segway and General Motors this week is anything to go by.

The electric-powered two-seat PUMA from GM and Segway (which stands for personal urban mobility and accessibility) has a top speed of 35mph and can travel up to 35 miles on a full charge.

As for the design, it can only be described as looking like a cross between a micro electric car, a scooter and – well – a Segway!

Available in 2012

The first prototype was unveiled in New York this week, with GM looking to release PUMA's onto a largely unsuspecting public commercially in 2012.

Segway has sold over 2,000 transporters in the UK to date, at a cost of £4,795. Plus, unless you are a clumsy ex-President of the USA, they are virtually un-fall-off-able.

Engadget has the first video demo of this bizarre new vehicle prototype in action.