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Archos 605 morphs into a satnav

Archos' new 605 GPS kit

French portable media player (PMP) specialist Archos has launched a GPS upgrade and new car windscreen cradle for its 605 Wi-Fi media player

Archos 605’s decent 4.3-inch LCD is perfect for viewing maps on the go. And the GPS upgrade also provides full voice navigation, as one would expect, as well as detailed maps for Europe, the USA and China.

Archos TV upgrade

The GPS-enabled Archos 605 will pull free traffic information from Wi-Fi hotspots. And if that wasn’t good enough already, the next software update for Archos’ 605 and 705 models and Archos TV+ will also allow the units to use Windows Media 9 and Adobe Flash 9, so your bored passengers can tune into web TV and radio on the go.

Archos’s TV+ set-top box is also set to get a TVportation update, so you will be able to stream TV from your home unit to your PMPs for viewing on the go.

Archos’ GPS upgrade will cost £50. More details to follow from the UK launch later.