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In-car atmosphere scrubber runs on water

The Airwasher aims to make your car just that little bit more pleasant

Car owners who are either a bit on the smelly side or who have problems with hay fever might want to check out one of the more unusual gadgets to run off a cigarette lighter socket.

Japanese firm Seiwa's Airwasher fits in a standard car cup holder and uses the lighter power to suck in all the air in the car and scrub it clean with the aid of a water filter.

Pollen too

Costing just ¥2,980 (£20), the FS13 Airwasher is available only in Japan, but Seiwa does offer to handle international orders by email, although we've no idea of the price on that front yet.

As well as lighting up blue when powered up, the Airwasher's 120ml of water absorbs grime from the air and pollen particles. When it becomes saturated with filth after about 24 hours of operation, the water can be replaced from any tap or bottle.