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Careful now - UK's first driverless 'cars' are taking to the pavements

Driverless pod

Learn to walk before you run - that seems to be the thinking behind the new self-driving car pod the UK's Transport Systems Catapult has just unveiled.

The LUTZ Pathfinder, which can seat two people, won't actually drive on roads. Instead it will be taking to the pavements, proudly boasting the title of the first autonomous vehicle to work on footpaths.

This will also be the first time that driverless vehicles have been used in an urban community setting like this, certainly in this country.

A trial run of 40 Pathfinder pods is set to take place in Milton Keynes later this year, with an aim to introduce them into more cities around the UK.

Slow and steady

Of course, it's all very early testing right now. The electric-powered vehicles have a top speed of 15mph and can run for six hours on a single charge.

But it seems that driverless car trials have already been taking place in Greenwich, London, where cyclists on the Thames Path have been asked to make way for the autonomous machines.

However, it looks like the designers have gone for more of a milk float look for this one. Remember that episode of Father Ted with the bomb? Yeah, that.