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Sonus Faber's exclusive run

Sonus Faber, the luxurious high-end Italian loudspeaker manufacturer, has announced details of a new limited edition run of loudspeakers. The three-strong line-up will comprise two floorstanders and one standmount, all cast in the same high-quality mould the company is famous for.

Architect’s dream

The speakers are special editions of previously existing models, but will be sold in extremely limited runs.

They have been specifically created in homage to the renowned 16th century architect, Andrea Palladio, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of his birth.

What credit crunch?

There are just three models in what will be known as the Palladio series. The range will comprise 100 pairs of the Guarneri Palladio two-way monitor (£8,200), 50 pairs of the three-way Amati Palladio (£16,750) and just 25 pairs of the £26,500 Reference Stradivari Palladio speaker. In keeping with the original Homage models, the speakers will boast a rare wood veneer and high-gloss finish, with all metal parts specified in silver, as opposed to the gold used in the standard versions.

Don’t hang around for too long before placing your order, however, as the limited edition numbers are ‘worldwide’ figures, so only a fraction of the 175 Palladio speakers will actually make it to the UK.