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Psystar legitimacy questioned

They're here, they're there....

Amid the furore at a company having the audacity to build a PC that runs OS X, the likes of the Guardian and


have asked some pressing questions about who Psystar – the company reportedly making the product – actually is.

Psystar, which has been quoted as saying it would fight any legal action from Apple about breaking the OS X, seems to have something of a laissez faire attitude to its address. The company jumped from destination to destination on Wednesday as people tried to track down its headquarters.


As people sent in photos of the supposed locations and tales of bemusement from the current occupants, the questions began to be raised over the legitimacy of the site and its wares.

Although the company is registered and continues to protest its legitimacy, Apple’s silence, the mystery of the moving warehouse and the cynicism of the web audience has left one overriding conclusion.

Don’t rush in and buy anything from the company until the enigma unravels.