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Simplify the management of your businesses finances effortlessly with Yordex

Yordex expense tracker
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Yordex isn't just an expense tracking tool as it comes with a dazzling array of features and functions all designed to make managing company finances a doddle.


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    Good range of packages

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    Modular design

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    Simplifies a lot of common tasks


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    Better value the higher volume use it gets

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Yordex is a London-based business that only launched three years ago, but it has already built up a solid reputation with a portfolio of options designed to make your business more efficient. While Yordex can provide you with a service that can tackle expense management, it also offers services that cover purchase order approvals, invoicing and spend tracking. What's more, it’s particularly adept at helping you with spend forecasting. 

Add it all together and Yordex looks like a great solution. Better still, it has several different packages all with different sizes of business operations in mind. Ultimately, Yordex could help streamline your businesses workflow and cut down on that frustrating admin that can stifle many operations.

Variations on the expense tracking software theme include Certify, ExpensePath, ReceiptBank, Abacus, ExpensePoint, Pleo, Declaree, Spendesk, QuickBooks, Rydoo, Expensify, Hurdlr, Zoho Expense and Pocketguard. All are worth considering during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


Yordex has a range of package options for businesses of different sizes (Image credit: Yordex)


There are currently four different plans in the Yordex product portfolio to choose from. The cheapest and perhaps most basic is the Starter option, which does at least allow you to explore what Yordex has to offer and starts at $4 (£3). 

Next up is the Plus edition, which is aimed primarily at small businesses and that costs from $3 (£2.30). Larger businesses in the mid-sized bracket are encouraged to head for the Growth bundle from $2.60 (£1.99), which is able to cope with more transactional volume. 

Rounding it out is the Premium edition for $2.25 (£1.75), which is focused on larger businesses with more suppliers to contend with. According to the company, the pricing above works out as the effective per card/per month cost and monthly plan fees are therefore $45 (£35) for the Starter edition, $89 (£69) for Plus, $192 (£149) for Growth and $450 (£349) for Premium. 

All these are based on annual 12-month plans. Yordex does offer monthly pricing, though you’ll need to add on 20% for the as-you-go nature of this option.


Employees can make use of the Yordex app to carry out a lot of everyday tasks (Image credit: Yordex)


Alongside the flexible range of packages Yordex comes with a dazzling array of features. One of the big benefits of this service it that it’s possible to have either physical or virtual cards. For physical cards company employees can be issued with prepaid Mastercards. Virtual cards, meanwhile, can be used for things like online purchases and administrators can put limits on their spending capabilities. 

You get different allowances depending on which package you plump for, so Starter comes with 5 physical and 10 virtual cards. Premium, at the other end of the spectrum, offers 100 of each. You can therefore see the big difference between package options and costs actually seem to come down based on the volume of usage as outlined in the pricing section. 

Elsewhere, expenses are unlimited in all of the packages, plus there’s an iOS and Android app that can be used by staff for recording scans of receipts and tackling day-to-day expenditure. 

Extra convenience is provided by the ability of Yordex to produce OCR copies of invoices and receipts, which is free of charge and unlimited. Meanwhile, businesses that need it can also make use the automated payment run option. Not available for Starter, it can be added on for a fee to the other editions.


The Yordex app for Android works to similar standards as the iOS edition (Image credit: Yordex)


No matter where you happen to be within the Yordex framework the structure of this software service appears to be very robust. Considering that some of the beefier packages will doubtless have to deal with high volumes of data the Yordex engineers seem to have done a great job with making it resilient enough to cope with the demands of lots of users. All in all the Yordex system seems to do everything that’s expected of it and, perhaps, a little more besides.


It's easy to get to grips with the Yordex system thanks to a wealth of instructional videos (Image credit: Yordex)

Ease of use

Full marks has to go to Yordex and the UX designers for developing a system that’s definitely easy to master. The layout is fresh, functional and should make light work of all the tasks outlined in our opening paragraph. In the case of expenses, by way of an example, the layout is fuss free and lets you get the job done without any headaches. 

As for the day-to-day use factor, Yordex works so well because of its smart approval rules. These have been design to let you manage all those frequent tasks such as handling company cards, managing expenses, sending invoices and administering budgets with specific rules that help automate regular chores. Add on the modular construction of Yordex and you’ve got a system that is simple to learn and even more straightforward to operate.


Yordex support starts off with a help hub on the web but there are staff on hand for queries too (Image credit: Yordex)


As you’d expect, Yordex comes with a solid support hub, which can be accessed from within the main site itself. This features a wealth of great do-it-yourself training, with a whole host of instructional videos, which can also be found on YouTube. Frankly, there’s not much left to learn about Yordex once you’ve picked your way through this exhaustive selection. 

Credit should go to Yordex for producing such a bumper crop of helpful guidance. Nevertheless, it is still possible you’ll want to contact support so there’s an option to submit a request to support team members via the site too. Lookout for the Community option in the website menu, which is another great way to get the inside deal on how Yordex works.

Final verdict

Yordex is in a very active marketplace with expense management tools sitting alongside billing and invoicing software, which is also alongside payroll and accounting packages. Yordex is therefore great as it does a little bit of everything from the above selection and certainly helps to streamline workflow, no matter if you’re a small concern or a larger business venture with multiple employees. 

Like many others in this arena, it’s easy to book a demo and see just how Yordex ticks. From there you have a good cross-section of packages too, with one to suit any kind of budget. All in all, Yordex is another one to add to your business wishlist.

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