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If you’re looking for a platform that will do the writing for you, then Writer.com is not what you’re looking for.

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TechRadar Verdict

Writer.com slots itself in the AI assistant niche as a true assistant without an attempt to replace writers. It helps companies and brands create a consistent message, style and improve grammar overall. Individual writers may struggle to benefit from it, though.


  • +

    Helps keep work coherent

  • +

    CoWriting with AI speeds up content creation

  • +

    Great analytics


  • -

    Individual writers won’t extract much value out of it

  • -

    Has a steeper learning curve

  • -

    Requires time to set up properly to offer the most value

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Being stuck while writing a sentence or paragraph will likely become a thing of the past with new AI writing assistants. More and more content writers and writers in general, are turning to online tools that help them stay consistent and improve their message. One such online platform is Writer.com which looks to help you create a consistent message across all of your writing assignments. 

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If you’re looking for a platform that will do the writing for you, then Writer.com is not what you’re looking for. Writer.com has a completely different approach, setting itself as a true assistant in writing, not a replacement. But is it any good, and can you extract value from it? Read on to find out.

Plans and pricing

Writer.com keeps it simple with its pricing plans. There are basically only two pricing plans, the Team plan that costs $18 a month for up to five users and pretty much gives you all of the features. 

The second one, Enterprise plan, has no listed price, so you will have to go through sales to discuss pricing details and the size of your team. 

If you’re looking to take the platform for a “test drive,” you can do so via the 14-day free trial, which will require credit card details. The free trial and the Team plan are limited to 15,000 words for automated content generation and 50,000 words for AI content detection API, per month.


Writer.com pricing options (Image credit: Writer.com)


At its core, Writer.com is a writing and grammar tool without the flashy auto-generation content that platforms like Jasper offers. It focuses on companies and brands with multiple writers who create content that is true to the brand’s voice. 

As an administrator, you can set up things like: messaging goals, tone, style, guides, writing for gender or accessibility, plagiarism issues, preferred terms, and proper industry definitions. All of these guidelines that you set up initially will help keep the entire writing staff on track and consistent. 

For writers, the option of customizing suggestions the platform gives during writing will be of immense benefit, as you can further hone the platform to your specific style of writing. Furthermore, you have an option of creating your own “snippets,” i.e., a paragraph or phrase you often use, which you can call on with a simple shortcut you yourself create. This is useful if you add disclaimers at the end of your text, which you can create with just a single shortcut. 

The autocorrect option that the platform provides is pretty accurate, and it can speed up the creation process as you won’t have to go back to re-read the text, hunting for grammatical errors. 

The above-mentioned options for honing your message are great for teams and can be customized in detail to make your writing staff as productive as possible. With reporting and analytics features of the platform, you can hone in on the mistakes the team is making and make corrections on the fly. Furthermore, you can get all the insights you need and can customize it based on the rules you set during the configuration of the platform.  

On the side of the plug-ins, the platform offers it for Google Docs, Chrome, and Microsoft 365, which means you can get style guides across almost all platforms that you use for writing.

Interface and in use

The interface is fairly simple and clean without additional buttons or graphics that distract from the main task, writing. After you log in, you will be taken to the user portal and dashboard. On the left-hand side, the toolbar contains elements that we mentioned above, such as Styleguide, tone, and other company set protocols. 

While the UI is clean, there is a steeper learning curve, especially if you have never used a writing platform before. The autocorrect and suggestions will speed up the process but again you will need some time to get used to it all.


Writer.com offers an onboarding assistant program that can assist new brands implement their styleguide. The team will also help in understanding the in’s and out’s of the platform. If the initial detailed walkthrough is not enough the support continues 24/7 through email, phone and chat. 

Equally important, are the onboarding materials that are available through the platform. Finally, the blog is a great place to learn about how others are utilizing the platform, which in turn can also solve issues that you may encounter.


As the platform primarily aims at business users and businesses in general, security is top-notch. It offers encryption, storage, and security that is fit for sensitive corporate information. Following through on strict EU regulations won’t be an issue with Writer.com as the platform has all of the necessary processes in place.

The competition

Grammarly is probably the only true competitor, but it doesn’t offer nearly as much as writer.com does. Grammarly is a cheap alternative for individual writers who would like to have their grammar corrected in real-time and enjoy some suggestions while writing.

Jasper AI is a close competitor that offers AI content generation, stylistic changes to one’s writing, and much more. The drawback is that with AI writers, it is difficult to stay consistent and they require a lot of editing.

Final verdict

Writer.com is a complex, yet simple-to-use platform that has its specific niche. Unlike the AI writers, Writer.com helps you create your style that you can then replicate across your writing team. 

It is fairly inexpensive compared to what it offers, and if you’re already using Grammarly or a similar service, then giving Writer.com a test run is almost a no-brainer.

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