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Let’s delve deeper into all of the details surrounding this AI writing platform.

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TechRadar Verdict

WordAI offers great bulk article updates while managing to offer more through integrations. The spun content the platform provides will be plagiarism-free and unique.


  • +

    Bulk article updates

  • +

    Spun articles are plagiarism-free

  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Solid integration option


  • -

    Requires detailed editing

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As a content writer, you need to understand the complex intricacies of word interplay and how each one interacts with the other. To master such a skill, a lot of practice and reading is required. However, by utilizing an AI writing assistant, this concept could be flipped on its head. Enter WordAI, a content rewriter with a deep understanding of the interplay between words. 

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WordAI automatically rewrites paragraphs, phrases, or sentences to come up with unique content that is SEO-optimized and plagiarism free. As a user, you simply have to enter content, click on rewrite and enjoy new content. But is it as simple as that? Let’s delve deeper into all of the details surrounding this AI writing platform.

Plans and pricing

There is the option to try the platform out for 3 days totally free, though you will have to enter your credit card details to access the option. After the free trial is over, you will be billed either $57 monthly for the first plan option or $27 monthly if you opt to subscribe for a year (read: pay for the entire year). With this plan, you will get almost all of the bells and whistles the platform offers. The platform leans heavily onto content that will not be passed off as AI-generated through multiple rewrite options that offer “human quality” content. One-click rewriting is the standard offer, which you can also test out during the free trial, but API access and multiple bulk rewriting are worth paying for if you are looking to create a lot of content quickly. 

It’s a shame that “higher-quality” content is only offered under the Enterprise plan, for which more money will have to be shelled out. If you’re looking to have multiple users play around with the service, and are looking for more throughput, then the Enterprise plan seems like a better option. You will also have a dedicated account manager to handle all of the administrative issues and guide your team for you.


WordAI pricing options (Image credit: WordAI)


WordAI was initially envisioned as an article rewriting assistant but morphed into a content creation platform over time. What helped it morph into a more robust platform is a neat feature of integration with ArticleForge, an AI content creation platform. With this, you can import content from ArticleForge and have WordAI “spin” the content to create unique articles or richer paragraphs. 

In addition, if you’re looking to bulk edit grammar and tense in your content, WordAI can help out through the Perfect Tense integration. It detects spelling mistakes and erroneous use of tenses, and suggests corrections. 

Equally important is the title spinner the platform uses, it manages to offer high-quality titles by analyzing the entered content, ensuring that titles are relevant. Furthermore, the new version now offers HTML support. This means that you will be able to spin HTML directly from the editor, to add styling, spin videos, images and much more.

Interface and in use

The AI web platform has a simple interface, which can be easily navigated. All of the important functions are on the left-hand side, while the larger area on the right is reserved for entering content and displaying content from the option you chose. 

Getting rewrite suggestions is as easy as copying over your content and clicking on the rewrite button. A slider below the button allows you to choose three modes of content “spinning,” more conservative, regular, or more adventurous. You can also choose how many iterations you wish to create. 

The menu in the panel to the left holds access buttons to bulk rewriting, plagiarism detection, and all other features the platform offers to make navigation a breeze.


A help center is available directly from the platform’s dashboard panel, but with such a clean interface and ease of use, there should be little need for it. Articles outlining the features, affiliates, accounts, billing, and everything in between are located in the help center section. 

If you have a special problem that cannot be solved by the numerous articles, there is an option of raising a ticket via email. Usually, the support through email offers help within the first 24 hours the ticket has been raised.


There is not a lot to report regarding security as the platform is a web-hosted application.


We’ve given the rewriting capabilities of the platform a quick test. To avoid bias we did not import directly from ArticleForge, but from another AI writing assistant platform, and had WordAI rewrite the content using the regular content option. Unfortunately, the rewrites offered an option that reads more like a bullet list created by a robot, than something that a human would actually create.


WordAI test (Image credit: WordAI)

The competition

Quillbot offers a similar interface and article-spinning options to WordAI but offers seven modes of work. What's more, it comes with a summarizer, a grammar checker, a citation generator, and a co-writer. Rates the tools offers are reasonable and could be a viable alternative to WordAI. 

SpinRewriter is more of a premium alternative, with a similar pricing structure to WordAI. It enriches its offer with direct blog posting options, stock media, and high-quality accuracy thanks to its ENL technology.

Final verdict

WordAI is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool for content rewrites. While it is pricy, it can be a great tool in the toolbox of content writers, SEO experts, bloggers, and small businesses. It manages to offer accurate content, which is the biggest selling point when it comes to rewriting tools. 

For those that are looking to automate their content creation fully, WordAI is not for them. Additionally, if you’re looking to rewrite a few paragraphs or titles from time to time, you may benefit more from free online tools than paying for an expensive AI tool.

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