Toshiba 1.6TB SSD review

When 1TB isn’t enough

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Due to its price, the Toshiba 1.6TB THNSN1Q60CSE SSD is going to have limited appeal outside of enterprise and professional users. If you’re looking for a large capacity, dependable and fast hard drive for those kind of use cases, then the Toshiba 1.6TB THNSN1Q60CSE SSD is worth considering.

However, if you’re looking for an SSD to slap on an OS and a run few games, then there are much cheaper alternatives out there.

We liked

It’s fast, it’s small and it has plenty of storage space. When looking for large capacity SSDs, your choice is narrow – though it is growing. 

Still, the Toshiba 1.6TB THNSN1Q60CSE SSD offers fast speeds and dependable performance.

We didn’t like

There’s no denying that this thing is pricey, which will put many people off.

Final verdict

The Toshiba 1.6TB THNSN1Q60CSE SSD is a fast, large capacity SSD that performs consistently, and benefits from very good build quality which means you shouldn’t worry about storing important files on there.

However, this drive will only be of interest to enterprise and professional users, mainly due to its high price. If that doesn’t include you, then you’re better off going for a cheaper (and maybe smaller) SSD, and boosting the capacity with a traditional hard drive.

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Managing Editor, Core Tech

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