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SentryPC acts as a sentry for multiple PCs within your network.

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TechRadar Verdict

SentryPC is a professional computer monitoring software with various use cases, maybe enterprises monitoring their staff or parents supervising their children's activities. The software offers comprehensive monitoring features making it one of the best in its cohort.


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    Comprehensive features

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    Free version available

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    User-friendly interface


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    No mobile version

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    Complex setup/installation

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    Limited customer support

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SentryPC is a product of Spytech Software, Inc, a company specializing in computer monitoring software.  And although not strictly a parental control app, SentryPC certainly fulfills this function well. 

SentryPC Spytech was founded in 1998 by an entrepreneur named Nathan Polencheck. The company launched SentryPC in 2001 under a different name, Access Control Software, and rebranded to its current name in 2005.

SentryPC has earned a reputation for being a professional computer monitoring software. Its user base includes businesses, law enforcement, schools, and parents. Companies use it as employee monitoring software, schools to monitor students, and parents to watch their kids and ensure they use computers appropriately. 

We tested SentryPC to give you an extensive, impartial review. We evaluated the app based on specific criteria, including features, customer support, pricing, ease of use, etc.


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Plans and pricing

SentryPC charges according to the number of PCs you want to monitor. It starts with the "Basic" plan for one PC that costs $60 yearly, plus $20 annually for each additional license. It then offers graded plans for 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 users.

SentryPC decreases the cost per license as the number of users increases. It charges $995 yearly for 50 users, $1,595 for 100 users, $2995 for 250 users, $3995 for 500 users, and $4,995 for 1,000 users. That works out to $19.90, $15.95, $11.98, $7.99, and $4.99 per license respectively. 

SentryPC also limits the number of screenshots you can take on monitored PCs according to each plan. The highest plan lets you take up to 2,000 screenshots. If you want more than that, you'd need to pay for another license.

SentryPC offers a demo version (with limited features) you can use to test the software before purchasing. The company offers no refunds after any purchase.


SentryPC is a cloud-based tool, meaning you can access your account and monitor PCs from anywhere. You can log in through any internet-connected device and view logs or change settings. It could be a laptop, phone, tablet, or other gadgets.

SentryPC allows you to monitor multiple PCs simultaneously. You can search, sort, and filter the results however you want. From your gadget, you can view logs and manage settings for an unlimited number of users. The app takes away a lot of the stress involved in device management, especially for large organizations. 

For security sake, SentryPC lets you set an "idle timeout" period on your account, whereby it'll automatically log you out if your account is inactive for the specified number of minutes. The platform also uses two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your account. 

SentryPC logs each activity carried out on your account for future reference. It logs extensive information, including every sign-in or sign-out, installs, password changes, downloads, screenshots, and the IP address initiating any activity. 

You can install SentryPC remotely on any PC you want to monitor. After installation, the app is designed to operate stealthily. It uses minimal computer processing power and is not visible to the end user in many ways. 

SentryPC provides many features for monitoring connected computers, including;

Time Management & Scheduling

You can specify what hours each user can access a computer on what days. Additionally, you can set a maximum time for each day or week that a user can access the computer. This feature is useful for managing employees within an organization or as a parental control tool.  

Website Filtering

SentryPC lets you block users from accessing specific websites. You can also filter out entire website categories, such as drugs, file sharing, gambling, gaming, social, etc. 

Screenshot Capturing

SentryPC enables you to remotely take a screenshot of any end user's PC. The app also has a built-in slideshow and controls for viewing the screenshots. 

Session Logging

You can log every computer session from an end-user and the total session time, active time, and idle time. You can also log keystrokes, searches, file activity, location (IP), and the clipboard (copy/paste content).

Activity Reports

SentryPC generates activity reports for all monitored users to give you a quick overview of their digital activities.


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Interface and in use

SentryPC is compatible with the Windows and macOS operating systems. You can only install it on computers you own and have the authorization to monitor and control. The app has an intuitive interface with all features laid out clearly. 


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Customer Support

SentryPC offers direct customer support through email. You can log a ticket on the official website and expect an email response within 48 hours. Unlike many competitors, SentryPC doesn't offer live chat or telephone support, which we consider a drawback.

SentryPC also offers an online Support Center with user tutorials and solutions to commonly-encountered problems.

The Competition

SentryPC's main competitors include Qustodio, OurPact, and McAfee's Safe Family. SentryPC offers more monitoring features than these rivals and is a more professional tool. But, SentryPC is also significantly more expensive than these competitors.

Final Verdict

SentryPC is a proficient monitoring software with many use cases. It could be businesses monitoring remote employees, schools monitoring students, or parents supervising their children. The app offers one of the most comprehensive features among the various PC monitoring software we've reviewed. However, we observed some drawbacks, such as having no mobile version and being costly.

Buying Guide

SentryPC is a product of Spytech Software, an American software company. It enables users to monitor authorized PCs from a central hub. You can set time limits, log user activity, block specific websites or website categories, disable access to various activities, etc.

SentryPC offers a "Basic" plan for one PC that costs $60 yearly, plus $20 yearly for each additional license. Additionally, it offers bundled plans of $995 yearly for 50 users, $1,595 for 100 users, $2995 for 250 users, $3995 for 500 users, and $4,995 for 1,000 users. 

SentryPC is a very proficient computer monitoring tool, but its drawbacks include being expensive and having no mobile version.

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