PC Specialist Enigma VI review

Surely there's a catch with this sub-£500 notebook?

PC Specialist Enigma VI

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This laptop is not without flaws but you need to bear in mind that this is a machine that costs just £479 and unlike many of its rivals, doesn't come with a low capacity SSD, a hybrid or traditional HDD. The Enigma IV is certainly one of the best value-for-money notebooks on the market, but it's one that doesn't carry a big-name brand. If you can live with that, then you've got yourself a bargain.

We liked

It looks more expensive than it actually costs which says a lot about the design of the laptop. It is a beautiful beast, not to the same standard as the MacBook or Dell XPS 13, but then it retails for less than half the price of those offerings.

We disliked

Be warned that while PC Specialist bundles a three-year warranty on the face of it, when you look closer this isn't the case. It's actually a "one-month collect and return, one-year parts and three-year labour" warranty, with a full one-year collect and return upgrade costing only £5. The company should just add the cost to the configuration (or offer it as a freebie). Also battery life is rather disappointing, overall quality could have been improved, Wi-Fi should have been 802.11ac and the laptop's footprint should have been significantly smaller.

Final verdict

We can easily nit-pick four or five things to improve with the Enigma VI and if PC Specialist can work on those areas for the next iteration while keeping the price below the psychological £500 barrier, then it will have an even more convincing winner on its hands.

Desire Athow
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