Asus ROG G751JY review

The G751 combines top-end components with a great design

Asus ROG G751JY

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We liked

The overwhelming plus point of the G751 is the quiet performance. Gaming laptops are associated with loud fan noise, and Asus has mostly eliminated this. Good work there.

Although it's a large beast, the G751 has top-notch design, from the materials to the feel of the trackpad and keyboard.

And while I moaned a bit about the performance not being the very best, the G751 is definitely no slouch, and should provide good frame rates in games, even if they're not the fastest possible in a portable machine.

We disliked

The G751 is a bit pricey, at least in this super-high-end configuration. Given the same screen and chassis are used in the G751JT and JL, it might be worth considering one of these models with a slightly slower GPU or smaller SSD, shaving hundreds off the price.

You can't have everything in life, and it seems one of the reasons the G751 offers such quiet performance is its massive frame. It's a beast, make no mistake about that.

But clearly, the extra internal space hasn't been dedicated entirely to battery power, because this result from the G751 is poor, even for a gaming laptop.

Final verdict

Although the Asus G751 is a really big and expensive gaming laptop, and not even the best performer, it's a great machine to use. If you're going to spend hours gaming, using the G751 as a desktop replacement, you'll really appreciate the low fan noise and comfortable keyboard.

Designers sometimes focus on performance at the cost of everything else, but a gaming laptop needs to be good to use as well as powerful, and Asus has achieved both form and function with the G751.