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Jackery hits big with a new 2000W solar generator

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Jackery has made a statement by releasing a power station with a lot of battery capacity and inverter power. Together with their newly-introduced 200W solar panel, they are out to quench people’s thirst for energy in a sustainable way.


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Jackery has recently launched the Solar Generator 2000 Pro. This 2000W monster is their biggest power generator to date and offers quick AC charging, something sorely missing from their previous generations. Features like dual solar input and pass-through charging (UPS) are also introduced for the first time in a Jackery power station.

The Solar Generator kit comes with up to six 200W solar panels allowing the station to fully charge in less than two hours. This portable power station uses Lithium-Ion cells which can provide over 1000 charge cycles before losing 20% of their capacity. While the price of a Jackery generator remains higher than the competition, the three-year warranty period is longer than what is usually offered elsewhere.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro: Price and availability

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro comes in three flavors all including the same Explorer 2000 Pro power station. The only difference is the number of solar panels. The basic model with two 200W solar panels and the power station costs $3300. The next two models are equipped with four and six SolarSaga 200 and are priced at $5000 and $6200 respectively. 

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro front

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Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro: Design

Removing the Jackery box from its shipping container box is tricky since the weight of the unit can cause the product’s box to open from the bottom.

This is somewhat mitigated since the main unit ships with shock-absorbing foams surrounding it. The package contains a car charger cable, an AC charge cable, the quick start guide, and solar panel connector boxes in case of a generator kit.

The power station measures 38.4cm x 26.9cm x 30.75cm and weighs 19.5kg. With these dimensions, the Explorer 2000 Pro is compact and relatively light. Jackery remains true to its aesthetic essence by keeping its trademark orange and dark grey color motif. The plastic case feels solid and has a handle on top. A single fan on the left provides airflow to cool all internal components. Two large rubber feet secure the station in place.

The Explorer 2000 Pro sports a bright display with white segments on a dark background. This provides excellent contrast as well as wide viewing angles. The display is turned off automatically after 30 seconds and can be set to be always on by double clicking on the Display button. Input and output power are shown in real-time along with the percentage of charge remaining.

The three output sections are controlled using push buttons. Two pairs of USB outputs support both USB-A and USB-C formats and provide 18W and 100W of output power respectively. Three AC sockets output a maximum of 2200W at 110V with short circuit protection. A 12V output carport that can support up to 120W is also included. Finally, a multi-mode flashlight is provided on the front.

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Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro: In Use

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is all that is needed to get electricity grid-free. The higher-end package offers six SolarSaga 200 solar panels that can deliver up to 1200W of charging power to the Explorer 2000 Pro. Two solar adapters are required for six panels to drive the station’s two DC inputs. It should be noted that charging requires an equal number of solar panels on each input or using just one input. You cannot have two panels on one input and one panel on the second input.

The Explorer 2000 Pro packs a 2160Wh battery cell. With an efficiency of around 85%, the battery capacity should be enough to power most household appliances for at least a couple of hours. The station can be charged at a maximum of 15A using the AC input socket, resulting in a charge time of around two hours. Solar panels can also be used together with the AC input but do not decrease the charge time.

The built-in LED light has three modes of operation. The low light mode is activated by a single press of the light button. This generates a diffused 1W light which is great for reading. A second press on the same button activates the bright light mode with the LED outputting 3W. A third press sets the SOS mode where the 3W LED flashes continuously. The LED turns off on the fourth press and completes the cycle.

When connected to an electricity supply, the Explorer 2000 has the ability to charge its battery while delivering power to connected devices at the same time. This technology, similar to an office UPS, decreases the available AC power to 1800W when the AC input is used. This increases to 2200W when only the DC input sockets are used. Using both AC and DC inputs limits the output power to 1800W.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro accessories

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Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro: The competition

Jackery was among the first to offer an affordable battery-based power station. Their know-how is obvious in their latest product and they’ve been listening to their customers. One of the main drawbacks of their older battery stations was the limited number of charge cycles. The Explorer 2000 pro battery has been revamped and supports over one thousand charge cycles which is twice as much as the previous generation.

The Bluetti AC200MAX power station ships as a solar generator kit. It has a similar power capacity as the Explorer 2000 pro and can even be controlled by Bluetooth. But with a charge time three times more than the Explorer 2000, it is missing key features such as UPS and flashlight. It is also heavier than the Explorer 2000 by eight kilos and as such is less portable than the latter.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro: Final Verdict

The Jackery Explorer 2000 pro represents the best in terms of compact power stations. It delivers great performance by having a high endurance high capacity battery pack that isn't too heavy at the same time. The industrial design of the station is exactly what Jackery is all about. It is portable and functional while being potent in terms of battery capacity and AC inverter power.

The efficient AC inverter and built-in fast charging are also qualities that make it the power station to beat. The price remains steep at $3600 for a 400W solar power generator kit but considering that you get a three-year warranty, it is worth the extra money.

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