FlexiSpot E7Q Odin standing desk

Could the FlexiSpot E7Q be the best large standing desk available right now?

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin
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TechRadar Verdict

FlexiSpot's E7Q Standing Desk is an oversized beauty and is ideal for home offices, open workspaces, and more.


  • +

    Incredible weight capacity

  • +

    Very smooth lifting process

  • +

    Huge height range

  • +

    Premium materials


  • -

    Quite heavy for a standing desk

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The Flexispot E7Q Odin is enormous, gorgeous , and one of the best standing desks we've tested. This behemoth comes in a handful of tabletop sizes, ranging from 60 x 30in / 152.4 x  76.2cm up to 79 x 35in / 200.66 x 88.9 cm 80 x 30in / 203.2 x 76.2cm. 

At its absolute cheapest, while still including a tabletop, the Flexispot E7Q Odin is just over $1,000 USD at $1,019.99 USD / £823.90 GBP / $1,521.92 AUS.

At the maximum price, this desk tops out at nearly $4,000 USD at $3,924.99 USD / £3,170.80 GBP / $5,855.93 AUS.

That said, this desk is premium in every way. Size, lifting capacity, materials, and build quality make this desk worth the price - if you can swallow the total figure.

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin Unboxing  (Image credit: Future)

Unboxing and First Impresssions

We've built many desks in our time, but none have been quite this monumental. The setup came in three boxes, two for the legs and frame and one for the desktop. The box with the desktop had only the wood top and much packaging to protect the wood. The two-leg boxes had legs, a frame, cable management, a control box, and other miscellaneous pieces.


*Specs as tested

Desktop: 71 x 35in / 180.34 x 88.9cm

Height: 23.8 - 49.4in / 60.5-125.5 cm

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 440lb / 200kg

While that itself is not quite worthy of being called monumental, the fact that the two frame boxes weighed about 60lb / 27kg each made it an extensive operation to set this desk up.

The instructions were easy to follow, though they took many steps. It took our more skilled desk builder around 45 minutes to complete, from cutting open the box to appreciating the final product.

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin Legs (Image credit: Future)

Once fully assembled, we could see the true beauty of this desk in its entirety. It may not have fancy built-in wireless chargers like the little brother FlexiSpot E7 (though you could add one with the NeatCharge), but it does feature an incredible lifting capacity, an expansive workspace, and a remarkable height range.

Design and Build Quality

We chose to go with the Dark Bamboo Desktop as this looked the most attractive in pictures - and in person, it looked even better, pairing beautifully with the black squared legs and matte black controller.

The legs connect at the base, creating a boxed look for each side leg, making four legs look like two intentional and sturdy stands. Even though it's just a straightforward bar connecting two legs, it does quite a bit to make this desk look higher quality and sturdy.

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin underside (Image credit: Future)

In Use

While using this desk, there is next to no wobble. Even fully extended, the Flexispot E7Q Odin is sturdy and robust. Since the max lifting weight is so high, we took the risk and decided to ride this desk up and down to test how sturdy it is. Our team member who chose to do this is 6ft 1in / 185.5cm tall and weighs about 210lb / 95kg. There weren't any moments of uncertainty or uneven drop while riding this up and down, and the same can be said when our beloved computers and monitors are on the desk.

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin Controller (Image credit: Future)

It was potentially love at first sight when we saw the control panel for this FlexiSpot desk. We have grown to love the Flexispot panels as they are remarkably clear, comfortable to use, and feature four presets. While it's a little thing, we have also come to appreciate that two preset buttons have graphics rather than numbers. One is a sitting graphic, and one is a standing graphic, making it abundantly clear and easy to remember which button to press for those heights.

Under the desk is a netting material that helps keep any cables tucked away. We rarely see this implemented in desks, but it's a brilliant design, especially for those desks that are not pushed up against a wall and, therefore, cannot utilize a standard cable rack. With how we use this desk, we kept it minimal, making putting all our cables neatly tucked away under our beautiful Odin Desktop a breeze.

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin

FlexiSpot E7Q Odin Underside with cable catch (Image credit: Future)

Final Verdict

The FlexiSpot Odin E7Q feels the most gargantuan out of all our tested desks, but it is stunning in all the areas that matter, and the only real downside or negative we could find is the price. However, at the same time, looking at the competition and quality, it feels adequately priced - we just wish we could afford to buy several more.

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