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Keeping tabs on your fleet of vehicles and related assets

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TechRadar Verdict

A comprehensive fleet management solution letting you track almost everything among your moving assets.


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    Monthly subscription option

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    Allows integration with existing hardware

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    Gives you a vast amount of data

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    14-day free trial

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    Transparent pricing


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    Minor software issues reported online

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    Self help resources could be better organized

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Fleetio is a cloud-based comprehensive fleet management solution that was created in 2012. It helps businesses track their vehicles, drivers, and vehicle parts. The company is currently present in over 80 countries and handles over 528,000 vehicles and operators.

Fleetio's solution is appropriate for fleets of all sizes and aims to simplify fleet management. It does this by automating fleet operations, allowing for the management of asset life cycles, fuel efficiency, and also supporting the staff who operate these vehicles. Like other cloud-based solutions, it emphasizes teamwork and strives to lessen the use of less elegant tools, like spreadsheets.

Fleetio pricing

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Fleetio: Pricing

Fleetio is transparent in terms of listing pricing and contractual details on its platform. There are three different plans, each for a minimum of 5 vehicles. Pricing is available on a monthly basis, with a discount available when paying annually.

The lowest tier is the Starter plan, which costs $4 monthly, or averages out to $3 per month when paid annually.  It includes vehicle VIN lookups, vehicle reminders, service reminders and total cost of ownership.

Moving up a tier brings us to the most popular Pro plan. This has a cost of  $5/month when paid annually for the discounted rate, or $6/month. It adds in features including vehicle assignment scheduling, NHTSA recalls, shop maintenance integration, and inspection schedules.

The top tier of plan is the Advanced plan, which incurs a cost of $8/month on the monthly basis, or $7/month on the annual discounted rate. This plan brings forward all of the features of the lower plans, and also add in support for work orders, in-house garage management, purchase orders, automatic stock adjustments, and also can support multiple locations.

Fleetio: Features

Fleetio provides a variety of services, including maintenance and fleet management, in addition to tracking vehicles. It enables administrators or operators to optimize costs by allowing them to manage fuel, drivers, and assets in a controlled and seamless manner.

The company offers a mobile app: Fleetio Go. The app focuses on mobile fleet management and is available for use with any of the three tiers of plans. This app is available on iOS and Android for free on those respective app stores. The Fleetio dashboard is a cloud-based solution and so is operating system agnostic.

The service can be divided into several broad categories, that we’ll look at more in depth now.

Mobile Asset Management is a process that oversees the entire life cycle of a vehicle, from purchase to disposal. It helps to manage fleet operations more efficiently by tracking vehicle location, fuel consumption, and maintenance schedules.

Vehicle and equipment management helps administrators track vehicle inventory, driver assignment history, important dates, and more. Important documents related to the vehicle, such as purchase or loan documents, total cost of ownership, and so on, can be stored electronically, allowing easy and timely access for authorized users.

Fuel management is a key component of efficient fleet management. By optimizing fuel efficiency, fleet managers can save money and reduce their environmental impact. A fuel management system can help fleet managers track fuel usage, identify areas where fuel is being wasted, and implement cost-saving measures. The system can be updated in real-time through integrations, imports, the app, or website, keeping admins informed of all fuel-related transactions.

Total cost of ownership gives decision-makers continuous data that helps them stay up-to-date on the true costs of running a fleet, allowing them to make informed decisions about replacing old vehicles with new ones. This section includes a breakdown of all vehicle expenses, such as loan payments, maintenance, fuel, telematics subscriptions, and more. This aids in identifying cost savings and improving fleet cost-effectiveness.

VIN decoding eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically retrieving a vehicle's specifications, such as engine and transmission details, wheels and tires, dimensions, weight and payload, and even fluid capacity levels, directly from manufacturers. This helps ensure the use of correct spare and replacement parts, as well as a better understanding of a vehicle's limitations.

Vehicle assignment keeps admins updated on the availability of drivers and vehicles. This feature is extremely beneficial for scheduling reports on vehicle utilization, distance traveled, and more.

Vehicle location history is a valuable tool that provides a comprehensive overview of a vehicle's location data and GPS data from various sources, such as inspection reports, fuel entries, service entries, and GPS integrations. This information can be used to track vehicles daily, identify potential problems, and improve fleet management.

Fleet Maintenance Management covers vehicle maintenance and historical service data, as well as inventory reports and more. Preventive maintenance scheduling helps track, automate, and forecast recurring service-related activities. Automatically scheduling a vehicle's services based on its history not only ensures timely maintenance, but also increases the uptime of vehicles across the fleet. This fleet management software includes customizable vehicle inspection forms. Timely inspections can help identify failed components and track trends for any particular issue with one or more vehicles.

Issue management allows drivers to report problems from their mobile app, keeping admin staff informed in real time about vehicle issues, failed inspection items, and more.

Maintenance shop integration works to streamline the maintenance process and allows all invoices to be stored and consolidated electronically. 

Electronic and automatic logging of service records helps to keep track of a vehicle's service history, set up automatic reminders, record service dates, and more. It also helps to easily identify recurring issues and allows decision-makers to assess maintenance costs.


Fleetio integrates with other services to increase functionality. This allows the software to automatically collect data such as odometer readings, vehicle locations, and fuel card expenses alerts. It can also track each vehicle, service, document, and other records, allowing users to find key data all in one central dashboard. Since Fleetio's software allows for an unlimited number of users, it has options to assign role-based access on the upper two plans.

Fleetio contact us page

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Fleetio: Support

Fleetio offers email support, as well as a dedicated telephone help desk which is available weekdays between 8am to 8pm EST. The company hosts videos, webinars and podcasts to help users. Fleetio also has a dedicated YouTube channel where it keeps posting informative guides. We did find plenty of resources, but it would have been nice to see them better collected and organized in a central location Knowledge Center.

Fleetio: Final verdict

Fleetio provides comprehensive fleet tracking services that help manage all aspects of a fleet effectively. The company has received positive reviews on sites like Capterra, but is not yet rated on Better Business Bureau, and only has a few reviews on Trustpilot. Still, we like the upfront pricing with the choice of tiers, so the free trial offer is a valuable way to try out the service to determine if it meets your fleet’s needs.

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