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Fleetio fleet management review

Keep tabs on your fleet of vehicles and related assets

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Our Verdict

A comprehensive fleet management solution that lets you track almost everything in terms of your moving assets.


  • Monthly subscription option
  • Allows integration with existing hardware
  • Gives you a vast amount of data
  • Free trial


  • Minor software issues reported online

Fleetio is a cloud-based comprehensive fleet management solution that helps keep track of vehicles, drivers, and vehicle parts. Founded in 2012, the company is already present in 80+ countries and has handled over 250,000 vehicles and operators.

Fleetio’s solution suits fleets of different sizes and seeks to reduce the complexity of a fleet management product. It does so by automating fleet operations, allowing for the management of asset lifecycles, fuel efficiency, and also supporting the staff operating these vehicles. 

Like many other cloud-based solutions, it focuses on collaborative efforts and aims to reduce the use of tools such as spreadsheets.

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Fleetio is transparent in terms of listing pricing and contractual details on its platform. It offers two different plans, and the base tier called the Pro plan starts at $75 per month for 15 vehicles on an annual basis. The Advanced tier is available at $105 per month, also on an annual basis for 15 vehicles. This translates to $5 and $7 per vehicle per month respectively. A monthly payment option is $1 more expensive (per vehicle) for either of the plans. 

The Pro plan is aimed at organizations that have outsourced vehicle maintenance to third-party vendors, while the Advanced plan is apt for businesses that handle vehicle maintenance in-house. The company offers a 14-day free trial.

There is also an Enterprise plan aimed at larger fleets with complex requirements. Fleetio offers a free demo and prefers businesses to contact it directly for pricing with this plan. 

Here is what the company gives you with the Pro and Advanced plans:

  • Pro: This plan offers Asset Profiles to store detailed records for vehicles, equipment, trailers and other fleet asset types. Admins can provide role-based access to unlimited users to work in a collaborative environment. It also facilitates geofencing alerts, fuel tracking and analytics, vehicle inspections, API and integrations, plus more besides.
  • Advanced: You get all the features of the Pro tier plus additional features like work orders, parts management, inventory tracking, Fleetio parts mobile app, webhooks for events or trigger-based data transfer to other systems, purchase orders and more.
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Fleetio offers a range of services, including maintenance and fleet management, apart from simply tracking vehicles. It empowers the admin or operators to optimize on the cost front by letting them manage fuel, drivers, and assets in a controlled and seamless manner.

The company offers two different mobile apps: Fleetio Go and Fleetio Parts. The latter focuses on just mobile parts and inventory management and is available only with the Advanced plan. Both the apps are available on iOS and Android for free on those respective app stores. The Fleetio dashboard is a cloud-based solution and so is operating system agnostic.

The service can be divided into three broad categories: Mobile Asset Management, Fleet Asset Management, and Integrations Driver Management. Let's look at these in more depth now.

Mobile Asset Management: This covers the entire lifecycle of a vehicle and helps with managing fleet operations easily.

  • Vehicle and equipment management: This helps administrators track vehicle inventory, history of driver assignments, important dates and more. Important documents related to the vehicle like purchase or loan documents, total cost of ownership, and so on can be stored electronically allowing easy and timely access for the relevant users.
  • Fuel management: Efficient fleet management is about optimizing the entire fleet’s fuel efficiency. Since the system can be updated through integrations, imports, the app or website, it keeps admins updated in real-time whenever a driver makes a fuel-related transaction. 
  • Total cost of ownership: The decision-makers get piped data continuously that helps them to keep abreast of the true costs of running a fleet, allowing them to make an informed decision around replacing old vehicles with new ones. A breakdown of all the expenses related to a vehicle like loan payments, maintenance, fuel, telematics subscriptions, and more are available under this section. This helps in identifying cost reductions and improving the cost-efficiency of the fleet.
  • VIN decoding: Fleetio’s VIN decoding eliminates the need for manual data entry as it automatically retrieves a vehicle’s specifications including details about the engine and transmission, wheels and tyres, dimensions, weight and payload, and even fluid capacity levels directly from manufacturers. This helps in ensuring the usage of correct spare and replacement parts as well as with understanding the limitations of a vehicle better.
  • Vehicle assignment: Keeps the admins updated about the availability of drivers and vehicles. This feature is immensely helpful in scheduling reports on vehicle utilization, distance travelled and more.
  • Vehicle location history: This most important section helps track vehicles daily by offering a comprehensive overview of a vehicle’s location data and GPS data collaborated from various sources like inspection reports, fuel entries, service entries and GPS integrations. 

Fleet Maintenance Management: This section mainly covers the vehicle’s maintenance and historical service data as well as reports around inventory and more.

  • PM scheduling: This helps track, automate and forecast recurring service-related activities. Automatic scheduling of a vehicle’s services based on its history not only helps in ensuring timely upkeep, but also increases the uptime of vehicles across the fleet.
  • Inspection: This fleet management software comes with customizable vehicle inspection forms. Timely inspections help in identifying failed items, and the likes of trends of any specific issue with one or many vehicles.
  • Issue management: Allows drivers to report problems right from their mobile app keeping the admin staff informed in real-time about issues with the vehicle, failed inspection items and so forth.
  • Maintenance shop integrations: Integration with the workshop makes for a streamlined maintenance process, and all the invoices can be stored and consolidated electronically. 
  • Service history: Electronic and automatic logging of service records helps keep tabs on the service history of vehicles, as well as setting up automatic reminders, recording service dates, and so on. It also helps in easily identifying recurring issues and lets the decision-makers assess maintenance costs.

Integrations and Driver Management: Fleetio allows for the integration of different services to increase functionality. As a result, the software can automatically collate details like odometer readings, vehicle locations, and fuel card expenses alerts, plus it can track each vehicle, services, documents and other records allowing people to find key data all using a central dashboard. Since Fleetio’s software allows unlimited users, it has options to assign role-based access.

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Fleetio offers email support as well as a dedicated telephone helpdesk which is available weekdays between 7am to 8pm. The company hosts webinars and podcasts to help users. Fleetio also has a dedicated YouTube channel where it keeps posting informative guides.

Final verdict

Fleetio offers comprehensive fleet tracking services and helps in managing various aspects of the entire fleet effectively. The company has received various positive reviews on sites like Capterra, but note that it is not listed on Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot yet.

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