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User-friendly CRM with an amazing training program

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CINC is user-friendly real estate CRM software with feature-packed plans for teams of any size. Leverage its fantastic training community, impressive mobile integration, and AI-supported lead generation tools to take your team to the next level.


  • +

    Suitable for teams of all sizes

  • +

    Fantastic training and customer support community

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    Three advanced mobile apps


  • -

    Website customization is very limited

  • -

    Limited automation options compared to some competitors

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CINC CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution for real estate teams. It is one of the best CRMs for real estate because it is simple to use, despite having a vast range of features. While you may not get the same level of customization that some competitors offer, everything works out of the box, and it works well. CINC also excels at customer support. It provides an easy-to-use self-service portal and many affordable and practical training opportunities. 

If you are looking for a CRM platform that is simple, reliable, and super mobile-friendly, it is hard to go wrong with CINC CRM. In this CINC review, we will explore the different plans and features that CINC offers before taking you on a tour of its interface and highlighting some key strengths and weaknesses of the program relative to competitors.

Cinc CRM: Plans and pricing

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CINC CRM: Plans and pricing
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Best forSolo AgentsSmall teams looking to growLarge teams with one locationLarge teams with multiple locations
PricingContact CINCContact CINCContact CINCContact CINC
Video MessagingBasicBasicAdvancedAdvanced
Lead RoutingBasicAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced

CINC offers four plans, all with a similar set of features. All four tiers give access to a fully functional CRM, a landing page builder, and a suite of marketing tools. 

The main differences between plans lie in the number of users allowed under each one and the number of third-party integrations available. Solo users can integrate CINC with Connect CRM and Google Workspace, while Ramp users can also integrate with Zapier, Mojo, and BombBomb. Pro and Select users can access CINC’s full range of 4,000+ integrations. Another relatively minor difference is that the lead routing and video messaging features are limited for the lower-priced tiers.

On top of the four main plans, you can buy two optional add-ons: CINC AI and Dialer. CINC AI’s pricing starts at $200/month, while Dialer costs $75/month for three phone lines. Dialer is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling tool, while CINC AI is conversational intelligence that helps nurture leads by communicating with them via text message.

Cinc CRM: Features

CINC is different from other CRMs in that most of its features are available to all users, regardless of pricing tier. Let's take a look at some of these features in more detail so you can see for yourself what this powerful platform has to offer. 


CINC’s CRM enables you to integrate all your contacts into one easily navigable dashboard. You can sort contacts into prospects, leads, and customers. You can also automate certain processes, like running email drip campaigns or routing leads to specific agents. The CRM is mobile-friendly, integrating well with CINC’s impressive suite of mobile apps. 

Mobile Apps 

CINC has three in-house apps. CINC Agent—available for iOS and Android—leverages your existing CRM and takes advantage of various mobile features so you never miss an opportunity to connect with potential clients. For example, it can create a push notification whenever a new lead comes in and enables you to call leads directly from the app while browsing your customer database. Etta Homes—featured on the App Store and Google Play Store—is a customer-facing listing app that notifies you of customer searches while they browse. The third and final app, CINC Open Houses for Android and iOS, can help you create beautiful digital sign-in sheets that make every open house memorable while collecting valuable customer data directly to your CRM. 

Cinc CRM: Features and benefits

IDX Website 

On signup, CINC provides you with a fully functional website. Using Internet Data Exchange (IDX) technology, this website showcases your listings, updated automatically from the multiple listing service (MLS) every 15 minutes. Since the site is premade and ready to go based on a template, you save time and money that would have otherwise gone into web design. 


Dialer is an inexpensive VoIP phone solution. You can use it to call clients directly over the internet from a mobile or desktop device. You can buy phone lines in batches of three at $75/month. At $25 per line, this is a better deal than most dedicated VoIP providers. You can also use Dialer to take notes on calls and link those notes to relevant entries in your customer database. 


CINC AI is text-based artificial intelligence designed to nurture leads around the clock. Expert-designed scripts help build trust and rapport with clients, leading to a seamless hand-off to a live agent. Since it communicates via text message, CINC AI can proactively reach out to uncontacted leads or cover your phone by communicating with clients or booking meetings during off-hours before passing the conversation off to you. 

Cinc CRM: Interface and in use

Screenshot of the CINC Dashboard.

CINC’s user-friendly interface is constructed around your pipeline, displayed on the main dashboard.  (Image credit: CINC)

CINC's user interface is clean, simple, and user-friendly. Everything revolves around a central dashboard, which displays your pipeline with leads by order of priority. From here, you can navigate to your website, add or remove leads from your database, or perform mass actions on some or all of the leads in the database.

Due to its simplicity, there is essentially no difference between the mobile and desktop versions of CINC, which makes it convenient for agents on the go. It also comes with an interactive walkthrough that guides new users through the essential functions of CINC CRM. 

Setup is quick and straightforward. You begin the process by requesting a demo from the CINC team. They will walk you through the program's key features from start to finish. If you decide to go ahead, you will need to buy one of the four product plans and any add-ons you may want.

CINC is cloud-powered and works immediately with no installation required. Navigate to the Help tab and launch the Getting Started checklist when you first log in. You can then launch interactive walkthroughs of every aspect of CINC CRM until you are comfortable using the program. Further training and support resources are always available.

Cinc CRM: Support

Screenshot of the CINC Academy home page.

Hone your skills or get a refresher course on the basics at any time with CINC Academy.  (Image credit: CINC)

Support is one of CINC CRM’s strong suits. Customer service is available by phone Monday-Friday, 9:30am to 7:00pm ET at 855-246-2717 or email at You can also consult its extensive self-service knowledge base, CINC Academy, by navigating to Help and Support on the CINC website.

CINC periodically holds webinars on various topics, and you can view them live or watch recordings of old webinars through the help center. You can also visit the CINC Community Page for a schedule of upcoming live events.

The CINC training community goes beyond live webinars. You can book tickets to networking events and high-intensity three-day classroom sessions to learn more about the program. At $99 per ticket, events are cheaper than classes and are a great opportunity to network with your peers. An in-class session costs $399 per person and covers best practices for using CINC CRM and sales techniques. According to CINC, the average agent is able to set appointments worth more than $7,500 in commission during the session.

Cinc CRM: The competition

The real estate CRM market is very saturated, and making a choice can be overwhelming. Fortunately, many CRM programs have very distinct strengths and weaknesses. Many CINC reviews indicate that agents enjoy its simple interface and excellent training and support opportunities. Its biggest weakness is its website, which is premade and has limited customization opportunities. If you are concerned about the look and feel of your marketing materials, CRMs like Firepoint that offer custom websites and landing page builders can do more for you. To learn more about Firepoint CRM, check out our Firepoint Review.

Another area where CINC is less powerful is automation. Other CRMs such as Realvolve let you automate almost every repetitive process. CINC’s automation is limited to some basic marketing functions, and even there, it falls short of what Realvolve can do. Check out our Realvolve review for a deep dive into its full range of capabilities.

On the other hand, there is something to be said for a simple program where everything works out of the box. When you sign up for a real estate CRM, you commit to paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. It can be frustrating when, even after spending so much, you have to either pay more to have the company build a website for you or build a website yourself.

Firepoint is an excellent alternative if you want to customize your marketing campaigns, while Realvolve is fantastic if you want to create complex but effective automated processes that take care of every repetitive task. That said, if you want a product that works out of the box with minimal tweaking, you can’t go wrong with CINC.

Cinc CRM: Final verdict

CINC is a great CRM solution for real estate teams looking for something simple, functional, and mobile-friendly. It has three apps that can help you close deals on the go, gather data during open houses, and put your listings out there for the world to see. Your listings are stored on a premade, ready-to-go IDX website, and you can nurture leads from first contact to closing using AI-assisted lead nurturing techniques. If you are looking for a business phone service, CINC has one of the best deals on the market with its Dialer VoIP solution.

CINC’s goal is simplicity, and its four plans reflect that. They are basically identical, except for the number of users they support. There is no need to spend time weighing the pros and cons of keeping certain features—simply count the number of users you need and choose the plan that fits. This is all backed up by one of the most impressive customer support networks that we have ever seen on a real estate CRM.

CINC is great if you want something functional and straightforward, but it is worth getting a refresher on all the options. Check out our article what is a CRM in real estate for a crash course on real estate CRMs. Be sure to check out what is CRM software? and our guide to the best CRM software as well. 

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