World Exclusive: We tested the first 2TB microSD card and no, it's not a fake — AGI's card defies laws of physics with record-breaking storage capacity on pinkie-size surface area

AGI Supreme Pro TF138 2TB
(Image credit: Mark Pickavance)

AGI has launched the first-ever commercially viable 2TB microSD card, beating the likes of SanDisk, Lexar, Samsung and Kioxia to the punch. 

The big tech firms have been teasing cards of this capacity for a while – Kioxia first announced plans to release a 2TB card in 2022 – but as of yet, none of them have reached the market.

While there are plenty of 2TB microSD cards available to buy on eBay, Amazon and Aliexpress, they are all sadly fakes- but AGI’s 2TB Supreme Pro TF138 microSD card is definitely real, and we should know, as we’ve had one in for testing.

Not quite 2TB

The Supreme Pro TF138 comes in both 1TB and 2TB capacities and while it’s possible – relatively easy even – to buy the 1TB version online through the likes of Newegg, the 2TB version is much, much harder to come by.

The Supreme Pro TF138 comes packaged with an SD card adapter and card reader for USB-C ports and is pre-formatted in exFAT format. In testing, we found it actually offers 1,935,140,716,544 bytes, which is 12% short of the 2,199,023,255,552 bytes 2TB should have, but it’s still an impressive capacity in such a tiny form factor.

The card is more about size than performance, with maximum quoted read/write speeds of 170/160 MB/s using the provided CR138 card reader.

Wondering how much you’d need to pay for the world's first 2TB microSD card? Us too. Sadly, although we’ve held the product in our hands and fully tested it, we can’t tell you where to buy one from, or – just as importantly – how much it would cost. The 1TB version on Newegg was priced at $66.99, reduced from the MSRP of $99.99, so that might provide a bit of a clue. 

AGI's 2TB card is available to buy now, in theory, so you should be able to get one if you spend long enough hunting around, but be warned you might encounter a few fakes along the way.

You can read our full review of the 2TB Supreme Pro TF138 here

AGI Supreme Pro TF138 2TB

(Image credit: AGI)

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