WeCreat Vision Laser review

User-friendly, safe, high-performance laser cutting tool

WeCreat Vision Laser
(Image: © Ali Jennings)

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The WeCreat Vision laser cutter and engraver embodies the shift to enclosed, user-friendly machines, suitable for home or small office use. Its compact size, powerful performance, auto-lifting, and automated focus system simplify operation across various materials. Enhanced with a high-resolution camera and optional fume extractor, it's perfect for beginners and experienced users seeking a high-quality, well-priced machine.


  • +

    Compact, powerful design

  • +

    Automated focus system

  • +

    High-resolution camera


  • -

    Limited workspace area

  • -

    Fume extractor costs extra

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The WeCreat Vision is a refinement of the laser cutter and engraver design, breaking away from the open architecture that is common and creating a far more user-friendly and safe design that offers versatility and ease of use. It is aimed at a wide audience, from beginners exploring laser cutting for the first time to experienced users seeking a high-performance, compact machine for a home, educational setting, or small office. 

One of the big features is the auto-lifting design that adjusts the height to accommodate different material sizes and an innovative auto-focus system that simplifies the setup for varied projects. The built-in high-resolution camera enhances precision, allowing users to preview and position designs accurately within the 420 x 290mm working area. 

Additionally, the rotary accessory adds versatility for circular engraving, expanding creative possibilities. The Vision's desktop footprint is modest, making it a suitable fit for limited spaces while still offering powerful capabilities and high-quality results. When it comes to the best laser engravers, this machine represents the next step in accessible, safe, and user-friendly laser-cutting technology.

WeCreat Vision Laser: Design

WeCreat Vision Laser

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

The WeCreat Vision has simplicity and functionality at the heart of its design, which makes it exceptionally user-friendly for a range of users. Its setup process is straightforward, involving minimal effort to connect essential components like the extraction tube and place them in the grid at the base of the machine. This simplicity extends to integrating additional features like the optional fume extractor, which, although an extra cost, is well worth it as it significantly enhances the machine's usability and safety.

The feature you can't miss with the Vision's design is its unique auto-lifting top, a feature not commonly seen in other laser cutters. This innovative element allows the machine to accommodate larger objects up to 140mm in height, broadening its use without the need for riser bases that many other systems favour. The auto-lifting mechanism doubles as an intelligent auto-focus system, eliminating the need for manual focusing. Thankfully, this is something that is slowly disappearing as these machines become more mainstream. This not only simplifies the operation but also ensures precision in every project.

WeCreat Vision Laser

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

The design is focused on ease of use, from the straightforward setup to the operational simplicity through the WeCreat Make it! Software that's available for most operating systems from mobile to desktop. The WeCreat Vision. The design caters to both beginners and experienced users, really anyone who is looking for a powerful machine that is going to enable you to get on with creative use rather than hours of technical setup and grappling with complex software. 

WeCreat Vision Laser: Features

WeCreat Vision Laser

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

The WeCreat Vision laser cutter and engraver has outward simplicity at its heart, which helps drive the machine's flexibility and ease of use. Firstly, there's the high-definition camera that enables you to align designs through the WeCreate software that enables a live preview of the workspace and material with software design overlays; this helps to ensure accuracy for your designs and minimises waste. 

The machine comes with a rotary accessory that helps to expand its capabilities further, allowing for laser engraving designs on cylindrical objects such as cups and mugs. While the Vision is feature-packed, one of the major features that will appeal to many is that it maintains a compact desktop footprint, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

A unique feature of the WeCreate Vision is its auto-lifting system, eliminating the need for a manual focus or a separate riser base and accommodating materials up to 140mm in height. However, it's worth noting that the grate base needs to be popped out. Otherwise, the height is reduced to 100mm, still not bad. 

One feature that is really worth noting is that the machine comes with a built-in air assist. This small device ensures high-quality cuts and engravings across a range of materials by keeping the cutting/engraving area clear. 


Laser Power: 20W Working Area: 420 x 290 mm Maximum Material Dimensions: 475 x 318 mm Engraving Speed: Up to 600 mm/s Auto-Lifting Capability: Up to 140 mm (without laser bed) Camera: High-resolution for design placement Software Compatibility: WeCreat MakeIt! App Connectivity Options: Wi-Fi, USB Type-C Safety Certification: FDA CLASS 1 Material Compatibility: Wide range, including plastics, stainless steel, wood, and slate

If you're using a new material and are unsure of the settings, then the QuickView Matrix simplifies selecting power and speed settings, making the process more efficient. However, you will need a test sheet to check the results.

Of course, one of the major safety enhancements is the enclosed design; this means that it meets the FDA Class 1 certification, ensuring it's safe for all users and a lot less prone to accidents than the open frame designs.

The 20W diode laser power is known for hitting the sweet spot for Diode engravers, and with a maximum speed of 600mm/s, that means that you can turn around projects nicely and quickly if needed.

When it comes to software options, the Vision uses proprietary software WeCreat Make it! The app, but there is also support for the LightBurn software, and the company offers a comprehensive experience with a vast project library and excellent support.

WeCreat Vision Laser: Performance

WeCreat Vision Laser

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

Setting up the WeCreat Vision is remarkably straightforward, taking approximately ten minutes to unpack, assemble and power up. This quick assembly is a significant advantage for anyone new to laser engraving machines and takes away most of the complexity of use. The machine's design includes an intuitive connection for essential components like the extraction tube, air hose, wifi antenna, etc, all as part of the initial setup process.

The software aspect of the Vision is equally user-friendly. It provides step-by-step guidance, making the learning curve much smoother for beginners. I really liked the way it guides you through every step of the process, and the support section of the website offers even more detail on every aspect of the machine. If you do get stuck, then there's a really good user base and support network already. The WeCreat MakeIt! The app is not just about simplification; it also offers a rich project library, which is a valuable resource, especially when you're first starting. The ability to import your own vector and image files is, of course, essential and is, again, an easy import process.

WeCreat Vision Laser

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

The built-in high-definition camera is a feature that is becoming more common and should really be seen as essential and far easier than the boundary box guide offered by many machines. It essentially enables you to align your design on the material with absolute precision directly through the software interface.

In terms of material processing, the built-in air assist and extraction system play a crucial role. These combine to help to keep the workspace clear of smoke and fumes, which is not only beneficial for health and safety but also contributes to the quality of the final product. A clear workspace ensures that the laser can perform without interference, leading to more precise cuts and engravings.

The quality of the cuts and engravings themselves is exceptional, thanks to the 0.08mm diode laser. This high-resolution capability allows for extremely detailed engravings and smooth, crisp cuts. The resolution is particularly noticeable in intricate designs, where the Vision manages to maintain clarity and precision. This level of detail highlights the machine's high performance for a range of applications.

WeCreat Vision Laser: Final verdict

WeCreat Vision Laser

(Image credit: Ali Jennings)

The WeCreat Vision laser cutter and engraver is one of the best machines in its class that I have looked at and an ideal choice for anyone venturing into this space for the first time. Its standout feature is its ease of use and safety without compromising on performance. The quick setup process, intuitive software interface, riser design and extensive support make it a top choice for beginners and seasoned users alike.

The high-definition camera, coupled with the software, brings a level of precision to projects that are both impressive and necessary in modern laser cutting. The ability to view and align designs accurately ensures high-quality results and efficient use of materials. The inclusion of a built-in air assist and extraction system all add to the machine's abilities and engraving quality.

The Vision's performance is underscored by its 0.08mm diode laser, which is capable of delivering detailed engravings and smooth cuts. This high-resolution laser, combined with a maximum speed of 600mm/s when needed, makes it a great choice for a range of creative and professional applications.

The WeCreat Vision represents a significant step forward in laser cutting technology at an affordable price. It's a machine that combines ease of use, safety, and high performance, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to explore or expand their capabilities in laser engraving and cutting. Whether for educational purposes, small business projects, or personal creative ventures, the WeCreat Vision stands out as a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly option.