UK hosting firm gets £200 million investment to heat public pools with websites

An Image of Deep Green CEO by a pool heated by servers
(Image credit: Deep Green)

Octopus Energy Generation has revealed it is investing £200 million in hosting company Deep Green to bring immersion cooling technology to more sites across the UK, making green hosting more affordable.

Deep Green submerge data centers in water to cool their servers and use the heat generated to warm pools and blocks of flats. 

The data centers are used for a range of processing scenarios including AI, machine learning, video rendering, and cloud applications.

Next phase of growth

Mark Bjornsgaard, Founder and CEO of Deep Green, said: “We are thrilled with Octopus’s commitment to support our next phase of growth. Placing data centres within the fabric of society transforms the waste heat they produce into a valuable resource that benefits communities.

“The data centre sector is rightly facing scrutiny about its growing energy demand and associated carbon emissions. Our data centres are highly energy efficient and support local communities with free heat.”

This business model has already been used in a public pool in Devon, where it reduced the leisure center's energy bill by 60%. Given that 40% of the energy used in traditional data centers is used to cool servers, there are large savings to be had that not only reduce the cost of operation for both parties but also the cost to the environment.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy Generation said: “To tackle the energy crisis head-on, we need innovative solutions to unusual problems. By using excess heat from data centres to slash energy bills for communities across the UK, Deep Green solves two problems with one solution. We’re looking forward to rapidly rolling this out and positively impacting even more people as we drive towards a cleaner, cheaper energy future.”

With the investment from Octopus, Deep Green can rapidly upscale their operations across the UK. Who knows, in the near future, you may be warming your home by browsing TechRadar Pro.

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