Gaming marketplace Traderie alerts users to data breach

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Online gaming marketplace Traderie has suffered a data breach that reportedly saw user data stored on its servers

A TechCrunch article reports on a notification email sent to affected users, as well as the advertisement for the database posted on the dark web.

As per the report, a hacker going by the name “victim” posted a new ad on BreachForums claiming to have stolen data on 2.6 million Traderie users, including people’s IP addresses, and online identifiers for services such as Discord, TikTok, Roblox, Xbox Live, Apple, Google, and others. The hacker also claims the database contains some Stripe information, such as customer ID and subscription status, and is asking for $5,000 worth of Bitcoin in exchange.

"Some data" taken

Traderie is an online marketplace for in-game items. Skins, usable items (for example armor, weapons, etc.), and more can be bought there. The site covers dozens of games, including multiple Diablo games, Rocket League, Roblox, different Pokemon games, and more. 

It is owned by a company called Akrew which sent out the email notification. In it, TechCrunch reports, it details a “security incident” in which “some data” from victim accounts was taken. The notification doesn’t say which data was taken, or how many people were affected. It did hint that the passwords weren’t stolen, as the company doesn’t keep them in the first place. As for Stripe, Akrew said that the payment platform handles all financial information, suggesting that the payment data was secure, as well. 

As per the firm’s privacy policy, it collects email addresses, IP addresses, browser information, as well as user names for different social accounts, such as Discord, or Twitter. So far it did not comment on the news reports. 

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