Samsung's popular Magician SSD software has a critical flaw - here is what you need to do if you use it on any Samsung SSD

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Samsung's Magician SSD software, widely used for managing Samsung’s various memory products, ranging from internal SSDs and portable SSDs, to memory cards and USB flash drives, has been reported to have a critical flaw.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s National Vulnerability Database, this flaw, designated as CVE-2024-23769, could potentially expose sensitive data to local attackers.

The vulnerability specifically lies in the improper privilege control for the named pipe in Samsung Magician PC Software version 8.0.0 for Windows. This flaw allows a local attacker to read privileged data, which can be a significant security concern for users.

Patch now!

The Magician SSD software is a popular tool among Samsung SSD users. It provides a range of features, including drive health status, system compatibility, firmware updates, and performance optimization. However, this newly discovered flaw could potentially compromise the security of the data stored on these SSDs.

The issue was first reported in the NISTs National Vulnerability Database, a comprehensive resource for IT professionals and users alike to stay updated on the latest vulnerabilities affecting various software and hardware.

Samsung is aware of the vulnerability, which it rates as High (7.3) severity. The good news is the company has produced a patch for the flaw. Users are advised to update their software to Windows version 8.0.1 at their earliest convenience to ensure they are protected from this vulnerability.

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