Proton Drive brings encrypted cloud storage to Mac

Proton Drive desktop client for macOS
(Image credit: Proton)

Proton has finally released a macOS desktop client for its Drive cloud storage service, completing its multi-platform support that already includes Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as the web portal.

The Swiss company claims that Proton Drive is now a viable “privacy-first alternative to Big Tech.”

In its announcement, Proton also drops a hint that seemingly throws many of its Big Tech rivals under the bus.

Proton Drive is available on all major platforms

The announcement reads: “Whether you use Mac or Windows, or iPhone or Android, Proton does not tie you to any specific hardware or operating system, and if you use Proton Drive, you can seamlessly move from one platform to another without losing functionality.”

Plenty of rival companies have been under scrutiny by regulatory bodies in recent months over anticompetitive practices, with many specifically relating to hardware and software lock-in. Microsoft faced exactly that battle earlier this year.

Like any other good desktop client, Proton Drive lets users sync files to be available offline. The company also boasts of its default end-to-end encryption. iCloud Drive – the standard option for many Mac users – only encrypts iCloud Drive data in transit and on Apple’s servers by default. However, the Advanced Data Protection option does upgrade this to end-to-end encryption.

Andy Yen, Proton’s CEO, said: “With the introduction of Proton Drive for macOS, we’ve achieved a significant milestone in the fight for a better internet.”

However, the macOS client isn’t as polished as its Windows counterpart – something Proton is actively working on. The Swiss developers are planning to bring the ability to sync any folder on a Mac with Proton Drive to the platform, which is already the case for Microsoft users.

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