Many tech workers are set to quit in the next six months

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Tech workers are among the most likely to quit according to a new survey of around 1,800  professionals and senior managers from across the UK by software company Ivanti. 

According to the study, IT professionals are 1.4 times more likely to ‘quiet quit’ than workers in other professions. This is the act of easing off work to the point of sometimes doing the bare minimum while exploring other career opportunities.

This comes as large-scale tech layoffs continue, though to nowhere near the scale that they were at the beginning of 2023. The latest figures indicate that more than 222,000 tech workers have lost their jobs this year.

Layoffs could soon be met with walkouts

It’s unclear why exactly so many IT workers are likely to leave their jobs. For some, it could be the fear of living in a position where they could be affected by the next round of layoffs where they instead prefer to look for a role with more security.

Others are struggling to meet growing demands in a shrinking workforce. The Ivanti study found that almost three-quarters (73%) of IT and computer security workers had noted increased workloads, with a large number of them experiencing burnout.

Another indicator is the four in five (84%) who said that they would like to continue working remotely at least part of the time. Many companies in recent months have spoken out about working from home, doubling back on what they had initially promised during the pandemic.

So far this year, Google Cloud workers have complained about their desk-sharing policy that mandates office working two days per week, alternating with a colleague, and Amazon workers have protested against the company’s renewed return-to-office mandate.

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