Asus will launch new Microsoft Next Gen AI PC laptops reinforced with a material used in tanks — Ceraluminum will help ProArt creative customers range handle extreme conditions

Asus ProArt
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Most, if not all, new laptops coming out soon will be AI PCs, or Copilot+ PCs, depending on what you want to call them. Asus, along with all of the major PC vendors, has announced its own Copilot+ PC, the Vivobook S 15, built around a Snapdragon X Eliete processor, but it has other devices waiting in the wings.

The company will be unveiling some new laptops at Computex 2024, and in preparation, it has released some teaser videos.

The first, called “The All-New ProArt” showcases three forthcoming ProArt devices - a traditional laptop, a convertible 2-in-1, and a detachable 2-in-1. They appear against a mountain backdrop as a snowstorm swirls dramatically around them.


The next teaser, called "Where Your Story Begins With ProArt", features creatives in a range of extreme locations. The sort of places where, for example, a laptop made of a rugged material could come in handy.

The most recent of Asus' Computex videos, for the Zenbook S, has the tagline “Design You Can Feel”. Being a teaser, the video doesn’t give too much away, but it does reveal that the upcoming laptops will be made of an "innovative and enduring", material called Ceraluminum. A portmanteau of the words Ceramic and Aluminum, Asus is so proud of the name it has trademarked it.

We’ll have to wait until Computex to see what the new laptops look like, but from what we can make out in the teasers, the devices look sleek rather than rugged, and are clearly aimed at the creative market.

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