AI isn’t coming for your jobs… it’s here to help innovation

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The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has understandably sparked both excitement and apprehension among video developers and software engineers. While innovations in AI have been a long time coming, promising to usher in greater efficiencies for coding, it also brings with it fears of job displacement and concerns about the future of software engineering as a profession.

It is understandable why some developers and software engineers within video streaming approach AI with scepticism and mistrust. We must all remain compassionate and understanding, as this is key to developing new solutions and ways of working that benefit us all. Under closer examination, it is revealed that AI is not seeking to supplant hard-working and creative developers, but rather, it has the potential to revolutionise the way they work and unlock a new realm of possibilities. AI has the power to deliver the greatest innovations in software and video development, enabling a best-in-class streaming experience, improving code quality, and unlocking unparalleled creativity.

It’s time to unleash new possibilities and support developers through AI

Stefan Lederer

Stefan Lederer is the CEO and Founder of Bitmovin.

Minimizing minor mistakes

One persistent challenge faced by video developers and software developers alike is fixing incorrect code. Every developer, within every industry from cloud computing to video development, understands all-too-well the painstaking task of identifying small mistakes within a large piece of code, combing through every line to find the origin of the issue. It is within these moments that AI can step in as an effective ally.

By analyzing vast amounts of data and leveraging ML algorithms, AI can identify potential common and recurring issues within workflows that slip through the cracks. Using AI as error identification provides developers with an invaluable time saving - not to mention a reduction in stress. However, it is important to note that AI cannot fix these issues on its own. It is the expertise and creativity of developers that remain indispensable in the process of resolving these challenges and issues. It is the combination of powerful AI tools, and the problem solving, creativity and unparalleled knowledge of developers that will allow for rapid issue solving. Not only can developers then spend more time focusing on innovation and creating products that excite them, but it can greatly reduce the stress of identifying and solving minor code issues.

Maximizing efficiency, maximizing innovation

AI has the potential to introduce unprecedented time and cost savings in video and software development. Brainstorming sessions, a crucial part of the creative process, can be enhanced with AI's ability to provide a basis from which ideas can be developed and improved upon. AI algorithms can analyze existing content and audience preferences in order to provide informed ideas based on previous features that have worked successfully for any given industry. Once again, it is the brainpower of developers, who understand their audience and the breadth of their own possibilities far more deeply than AI, to take these ideas to create groundbreaking new features.

Another way AI provides time and cost savings is through the generation of basic levels of code. Automating repetitive and basic tasks, frees up developers’ time to dedicate themselves to experimenting with new product features, which ultimately, provide them points of difference against their competitors. Additionally, outside of coding, some of the AI-driven innovations that are benefiting video streaming include optimizing video quality with deep-learning approaches that are getting better at enhancing and compressing video while still offering unparalleled image quality and also reducing buffering and the overall quality of experience for viewers. It’s clear developing a strong relationship between developers and AI tools paves the way for unprecedented levels of creativity, improved business efficiency, and the potential to overcome competition in your industry.

Allaying justified fears

The potential benefits of AI in software and video development are vast, it is vital to address the concerns many developers hold. . The prospect of automation and job displacement is unsettling., which is why it is essential that software companies understand the value of developers, which AI can in no way replace. AI is simply unable to replace developers, it can replicate and learn from existing issues, but it cannot move innovations forward by its very nature. It should instead be thought of as a catalyst for developers creativity and innovation. By automating routine tasks and providing valuable insights, AI empowers developers to focus on higher-level problem-solving, strategic decision-making, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The apprehension and scepticism surrounding AI in video development and software engineering should be met with a balanced perspective. Rather than viewing AI as a threat, developers should recognize its potential to fuel innovation and creativity. By combining the power of human creativity with the basic capabilities of AI, developers can unlock new possibilities, deliver unparalleled user experiences, and propel the industry forward. It’s time to embrace AI and unleash the unhindered potential of video and software developers.

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Stefan Lederer is the CEO and Founder of Bitmovin, an emmy-award winning streaming infrastructure provider.