Discover the folding phone that works like Magic

Do you believe in magic? Once you've seen this video by JerryRigEverything, we think you will – because as he demonstrates in his video, HONOR has somehow managed to cram a ton of technology into the slimmest folding phone you've ever seen. The video shows how the HONOR Magic V2 is lighter than the Galaxy Z Fold5 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Zack isn't the only influencer to put the HONOR Magic V2 to the scales test: @PhoneBuff, @UnboxTherapy, @XEETECHCARE have too. And as they've all discovered, the HONOR Magic V2 really does seem to have achieved the impossible: a super-powered folding phone that's also incredibly slim and incredibly light.

A good magician never reveals their secrets, but despite appearances the HONOR Magic V2 isn't actually magic: it's a triumph of precision engineering and clever tech. And in Zack's video you can peek behind the curtain to see just how precise and how clever it is.

The magic's in the metal

When we say that the HONOR Magic V2 is the slimmest folding phone you've ever seen, we really mean slim: it's just 9.9mm when it's folded thanks to the very clever hinge design Zack shows you in the video. That hinge uses HONOR's very own specialised steel, a cutting-edge material inspired by the super-tough steel used in tunnel boring machinery and which has been created to deliver an exceptional blend of toughness, lightness and durability

Titanium tough and ultra light

Honor Magic V2

(Image credit: HONOR)

The second secret to the HONOR Magic V2 is its use of titanium alloy in its hinge cover for the first time. It's a material that embodies the trifecta of ultra-lightness, ultra-toughness, and ultra-corrosion-resistance, making it the perfect alloy for a plethora of applications: it's lighter than aluminium and stronger than steel. It's 150% stronger and 42% lighter than the equivalent aluminium covers, making it perfect for HONOR's flagship folding phone.

Slim, small and super-powered

Secret number three? That's the world's thinnest dual Silicon-carbon batteries, another HONOR innovation. As you can see from the video they're barely bigger than two stacked ID cards, with a thickness of just 2.72mm each. That's a tiny size for such a big battery: the HONOR Magic V2 has 5,000mAh of power, which means it rivals some of the biggest and chunkiest smartphones' stamina without also having their thickness. 

That's a crucial piece of the folding phone puzzle, and it helps explain why so many rival phones are so big by comparison. They don't have the industry-leading energy density and super-efficient, low-voltage discharge efficiency of HONOR's cutting-edge battery tech.

The cutting-edge phone that keeps its cool

One of the toughest challenges in smartphone design is dealing with heat: when you push powerful processors hard, they generate a lot of energy. And that's where you'll find the next bit of Magic V2 magic: in its cooling system. The HONOR Ultra-thin Bionic VC Cooling System incorporates advanced materials such as an ultra-thin vapour chamber, ultra-high thermal conductivity graphite, thermal conductivity gel, copper foil, and a high thermal conductivity AL middle frame. 

That Bionic VC Cooling system gets its inspiration from something that may surprise you: the wings of cicadas. The VC replicates their thinness with a thickness of just 0,22mm, and the whole cooling system manages to deliver a cooling area of 29,000 square metres. That's 125% more than in the previous generation, and yet another industry-leading innovation from HONOR.

Last but not least there's the Wraparound Antenna Extension Technology 2.0, whose name is considerably bigger than the tech it describes. HONOR's ultra-thin antenna is just three millimetres across, making it the thinnest antenna in the foldable industry.

Experience magic every day with the HONOR Magic V2

HONOR Magic V2 foldable phone

(Image credit: HONOR)

The HONOR Magic V2 is an incredible achievement. By combining enhanced hinge materials, high quality craftsmanship, innovative cooling design and incredible engineering, HONOR has somehow managed to deliver a big-screened, class-leading folding phone that's just 9.9mm thick and that weighs just 231g. 

That's a testament to HONOR's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, delivering folding phones that don't just rival but surpass traditional flagship phones in elegance, lightness and thinness. We've seen the future, and it's Magic.

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